Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Thrifted and Altered

I thrifted this dress last year sometime, even though it smelled of Grandma I felt it had potential. So I washed it and wore it, but couldn't shake the feeling something was slightly off about it. The length, I realised - it was an awkward midi length that wasn't exactly ugly but not quite flattering. This is what it used to look like:;

So I hemmed it in my own clumsy way - and by clumsy I mean I made it slightly asymmetric totally by accident. But I love the dress even more now that I've properly made it mine.

I should also add that I bought this cardigan from my mum when I was a teenager and then promptly stole it back from her. Probably convinced myself I was doing her a favour, too...


  1. Hello, Gwen... yes the Forever 21 blazer is new - I have a direct link to it on my blog under "outfit details" it's a great price & it's been an awesome addition to my wardrobe!! Looking great, lovely!! xo V

  2. Sorry, how silly of me not to spot that! Thanks for the tip, I need that blazer in my life! And thanks! :)