Thursday, 27 September 2012

Neon and polkadots

Sweater: Gap, Jeans: AG Stevie, Watch & shoes: Anthro


Isn't it funny, how your favourite colours sort of change with time? I used to be obsessed with green, but now it's pale grey and neon yellow that I want to wear all the time. Speaking of which, these polkadot pants could probably use a wash. Because when I say all the time, I'm not kidding. I've practically been living in them for the past few weeks. Which is funny, since I also used to be obsessed with bootcut jeans - and now it's ankle jeans I want to wear every day and also possibly to bed. Funny, that.  

Monday, 24 September 2012


Don't I kind of match the Torii gates? 
These pictures are from Fushimi Inari - the big fox shrine just outside of Kyoto. Going there was the most incredible experience. There are literally hundreds of these gates above the shrine, and they sort of form tunnels up the mountainside. Spiders weave their webs between the pillars, you hear birdcalls and other forest sounds when you walk uphill - it's kind of magical. 

Sure was hot though - at 35 degrees Celsius, this skirt which doesn't really breathe much was rather warm. But I wanted to match the torii so bad that I put up with it. Yes, that's how badly I wanted these photos. 
Just pardon the hiking shoes, please - when you do as much walking as my husband and I did on this trip, flimsy little sandals are just not an option. 

See? Pretty magical, right?


Cardigan: Uniqlo (old), Trousers + T-shirt: Anthropologie (both old).

This is how lazy I am, only uploading my pictures from Friday on the Monday... 
The top outfit was what I put on in the morning, and it was supposed to be the last "chunky necklace outfit" this time around. Only then it got cold, so I had to change into a longer-sleeved top and cardigan. Both, I realised, were items I'd worn with the necklace before - and I picked them out because they hung next to each other on the laundry line - beat that for a lazy outfit remix! But I like how this one turned out, too. 
So, this was a bit of a two-for-one deal. 
I'll be wearing that necklace again soon, but not for five days straight - 
I need to give my neck a break! 

Top: Bossini, Cardigan: Next, Trousers: Anthropologie. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Sweaters and dresses and weddings, oh my...

Sweater: Urban Outfitters, dress: Gap, boots: store in Norway, necklace: Anthro.

This is not, in fact, a skirt - but a dress! A lovely summer dress I got on sale at the Gap this summer, cosied up with my favourite short-sleeved sweater. The red in the dress and the red in the necklace play off each other nicely, don't they? I brought this dress along to Asia, where I remixed it for all it was worth.
 I even wore it to a family wedding. In Chinese weddings, you're supposed to wear red for good luck. When the bride is five months pregnant and the groom's family have refused to turn up, you have to have a sense of humour about these things...

"Baby inside!" Me, the bride and my husband. 
The baby is a boy, so we are fully justified in going "this guy!" And speaking of new additions to the family...

...We have a new coat in the family. Don't judge me, I'd been looking for the perfect leopard coat for almost a year when this baby suddenly popped out from the racks at H&M and landed in my arms. Don't you just hate it when that happens...? 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Is this love?

Shirt: Gap, dress: Anthro, boots: Clark's (old), necklace: Anthro. 

After a third day of necklace-wearing I have to admit I'm feeling an even stronger urge to keep the thing. It may already be a done deal - I keep looking at things in my closet and going, "I can pair it with this, and this, oh and this, too..." I'm kind of shocked that it's turned out to be so versatile. I mean, it's enormous. It's insane. But I kind of really love it. 

Also, I've just dug out my trench coat for fall, and realised it might look kind of rad if I wore my necklace on top of the collar. I like to think I look like a blinged-out secret agent. 

Trench: Vero Moda (old). 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"You have a shiny thing!"

Cardigan: Next, top: Bookmark (Korean store), jeans: Anthro, old, necklace: Anthro what my friend exclaimed when I took off my coat. She leaned over and started prodding the sparkly ball on my necklace with her finger, staring at it like she wanted to swallow it. Then she said, "If I was a magpie, I'd totally peck at that." To which I replied, "Aren't you sort of doing that already?" Also, her boyfriend asked me if it were made out of edible sweets. Yes, really. He may have been kidding. 

For my second day of the big, chunky necklace challenge, I wound up colour-blocking. Red and green should not be seen, apparently, but I think jade and coral are a-okay. If I ever have twin girls I might name them Jade and Coral in honour of this outfit. They'll thank me for it...

So far, I'm leaning in favour of keeping the necklace. 

The voices in my head are telling me to keep the necklace. 
...after all, we wouldn't want to disobey the voices, now would we? 

The Necklace Challenge

So, for a few months now, I've been eyeing this necklace and drooling:

Last Sunday I finally took the plunge and shelled out for it, even though it's a bit bigger than what I'm normally used to. I got the last one in the store - in the country, apparently! - but the sales assistant assured me I can always return it if it doesn't work out. So I set myself this challenge: in order to be allowed to keep this very lovely but crazy-ass big and loud necklace, I will come up with a different outfit to wear it with for every day of this week. If I can't , back to the store it goes. 

Here's my first effort:

Top: Bossini, Cardigan: J.Crew (old), shoes: Blowfish, necklace: Anthro.   

The last picture is my favourite, because look at me, I've got an antennae like a cockroach! 
I can sense you coming...

Monday, 17 September 2012

Comme Rochelle

Temping is how I earn my bread, and my latest temping job was particularly soul-draining. For the first few days I was just bumming around in jeans and a shirt, but then I started noticing how my fellow temp Rochelle was dressing. And she kind  of inspired me to copy her, just a little bit. Rochelle is a dancer by trade, and this outfit made me feel a little bit like a ballerina. 

And taking photos of myself still makes me feel like a total dork. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Indian Summer

September shouldn't be this hot! Not in the U of sodding K, anyway. And yet, here I am, wearing this dress and twirling it like a champ. I could get used to this Indian summer business! 
The janitor for our building complimented me on this dress - it's not often you see that colour, he said, and I had to take off the cardigan to show him the lace panel in the back, which he was duly impressed with. 
And yes, again with the acorn shoes. Am I obsessed with them? Quite possibly.  

Monday, 3 September 2012

Acorn shoes

Cardigan: J.Crew, pants: Anthro, on sale now, T-shirt and flats: also Antro, but old.

Ack! Wrinkly pants! 
Anyway, thanks to my lovely friend Grace, I now have these super cute acorn flats. I missed out on them the first time around, waiting for them to a) get my size in and b) go on sale, but then, I discovered ebay. And poor Grace wound up being my ebay drugs mule and redirecting my shopping for me. Now that's friendship!

Normally what I do is balance our nice expensive camera on a wall, bench or plant box and hope the wind won't blow it down (this was how I killed the previous nice but cheap camera), but for once my husband volunteered to take pictures. He makes me laugh. Also, he makes me do silly action poses. 

Man, I should've photoshopped a cape in there...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hot pink and Breton stripes

Blazer: H&M (old), dress: Anthro, sandals: Clark's outlet.

As soon as I saw this dress, I had visions of all the different outfits I could create with it. I'm kind of obsessed with Breton stripes, and this thing is sleeveless, which means I can put T-shirts under it, or long sleeves, and it's thick enough to wear through autumn, too. And how cute is this blazer? I have matching shorts now, so maybe next summer I'll have the guts to wear them together and  make peoples' heads explode from hot pink overload!