Monday, 3 September 2012

Acorn shoes

Cardigan: J.Crew, pants: Anthro, on sale now, T-shirt and flats: also Antro, but old.

Ack! Wrinkly pants! 
Anyway, thanks to my lovely friend Grace, I now have these super cute acorn flats. I missed out on them the first time around, waiting for them to a) get my size in and b) go on sale, but then, I discovered ebay. And poor Grace wound up being my ebay drugs mule and redirecting my shopping for me. Now that's friendship!

Normally what I do is balance our nice expensive camera on a wall, bench or plant box and hope the wind won't blow it down (this was how I killed the previous nice but cheap camera), but for once my husband volunteered to take pictures. He makes me laugh. Also, he makes me do silly action poses. 

Man, I should've photoshopped a cape in there...

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