Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Indian Summer

September shouldn't be this hot! Not in the U of sodding K, anyway. And yet, here I am, wearing this dress and twirling it like a champ. I could get used to this Indian summer business! 
The janitor for our building complimented me on this dress - it's not often you see that colour, he said, and I had to take off the cardigan to show him the lace panel in the back, which he was duly impressed with. 
And yes, again with the acorn shoes. Am I obsessed with them? Quite possibly.  


  1. ooh I love that you love yellow..Ive been wearing a lot of yellow lately too...
    lucky girl to have gotten that anthro dress..
    come visit me and see my yellow!

  2. Thanks! Fans of yellow unite! I've seen your yellow polkadot jeans before, they are just too cute!