Thursday, 20 September 2012

Is this love?

Shirt: Gap, dress: Anthro, boots: Clark's (old), necklace: Anthro. 

After a third day of necklace-wearing I have to admit I'm feeling an even stronger urge to keep the thing. It may already be a done deal - I keep looking at things in my closet and going, "I can pair it with this, and this, oh and this, too..." I'm kind of shocked that it's turned out to be so versatile. I mean, it's enormous. It's insane. But I kind of really love it. 

Also, I've just dug out my trench coat for fall, and realised it might look kind of rad if I wore my necklace on top of the collar. I like to think I look like a blinged-out secret agent. 

Trench: Vero Moda (old). 

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