Monday, 24 September 2012


Don't I kind of match the Torii gates? 
These pictures are from Fushimi Inari - the big fox shrine just outside of Kyoto. Going there was the most incredible experience. There are literally hundreds of these gates above the shrine, and they sort of form tunnels up the mountainside. Spiders weave their webs between the pillars, you hear birdcalls and other forest sounds when you walk uphill - it's kind of magical. 

Sure was hot though - at 35 degrees Celsius, this skirt which doesn't really breathe much was rather warm. But I wanted to match the torii so bad that I put up with it. Yes, that's how badly I wanted these photos. 
Just pardon the hiking shoes, please - when you do as much walking as my husband and I did on this trip, flimsy little sandals are just not an option. 

See? Pretty magical, right?

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