Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"You have a shiny thing!"

Cardigan: Next, top: Bookmark (Korean store), jeans: Anthro, old, necklace: Anthro what my friend exclaimed when I took off my coat. She leaned over and started prodding the sparkly ball on my necklace with her finger, staring at it like she wanted to swallow it. Then she said, "If I was a magpie, I'd totally peck at that." To which I replied, "Aren't you sort of doing that already?" Also, her boyfriend asked me if it were made out of edible sweets. Yes, really. He may have been kidding. 

For my second day of the big, chunky necklace challenge, I wound up colour-blocking. Red and green should not be seen, apparently, but I think jade and coral are a-okay. If I ever have twin girls I might name them Jade and Coral in honour of this outfit. They'll thank me for it...

So far, I'm leaning in favour of keeping the necklace. 

The voices in my head are telling me to keep the necklace. 
...after all, we wouldn't want to disobey the voices, now would we? 

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