Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hippie Library Girl

Hat: Anthro, Top & Cardigan: J.Crew, Skirt: Anthro via Ebay, boots: Clark's.

Isn't my hair all pretty and flicky in the third picture? Good hair days are always welcome!

I felt a bit like a librarian today, since I was sort of wearing an improvised twinset. If you don't know what a twinset is, it's a matching top and cardigan combo, and since these two were both that mysterious J.Crew colour known as Burnt Twig, they kind of fit the bill. Anyway, I'd be one of those hippie librarians with an adventurous past, who's secretly writing a novel set in Paris and hiding the manuscript pages in the filing box where they keep the index cards. 

This entire outfit is really a testament of thanks to my friend Grace, who has received all my American internet purchases over the years and sent them on to me in the UK. Those include almost every J.Crew item I own (three out of the four!), and this here skirt, which I love to distraction. That girl is just plain awesome.    

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