Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Osaka Style!

Cardigan: UniQlo, old. Dress: Deletta, old. Top: Tulip Lace shell, Anthro. Watch + boots: Anthro. 

No, my post title does not in any way refer to Gangnam Style. For shame! 

When we went to Osaka this summer, the first thing we were struck by was how 
beautifully dressed the women are. Every outfit was so tastefully put together, and my husband and I took turns pointing out good ones to each other. (Not with actual pointing though, that would be rude.) 
And I noticed a lot of women wore a variation of this - a lace shell over a striped dress, sometimes paired with nude pink items, too. I'd been dying to recreate this look, and when my husband bought me the Tulip Lace Shell as a present, then hey presto. I like it!

Pretty as this ensemble is, I still had to wear a bright neon yellow watch with it. Just because.    

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