Friday, 19 October 2012


Dress: Winona chemise, Anthro, Belt: UniQlo, Sandals: Timberland

And in another bolt of Japan nostalgia, I decided to post my favourite outfit from the whole trip, i.e. the one that was the most comfortable to walk around in in 35 degrees Celsius heat. Now that I look at it, I look like an extra from one of those old Bible movies, like that one where Charlton Heston played Moses!

These pictures were taken at the Nissin Cup Noodle factory, where we had just made our own cup noodles - you can see mine in the plastic bag thingie I'm carrying. And the thing behind me is a model of what the inside of a cup noodle looks like. Not to scale, obviously, although eating a cup noodle bigger than a human being might be a special dream of my husband's... 

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