Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bunnies! On my shirt!

Cardigan: J.Crew, Top: Postmark, Anthro, Jeans: AG, Anthro, Boots: Clark's 

My bright yellow belt matches the leaves on the tree behind me. Does that mean I'm at one with nature?!

Also, my shirt has bunnies on it. If you know me IRL, you know all about the rabbit obsession in our household, but if you don't, you deserve some kind of explanation. See, I have this weird ability to twitch my nose like a rabbit. Husband finds this cute. So his pet name for me is Bunny,and our flat is full of cute rabbit-themed paraphernalia. I'm sure if we actually kept rabbits, we'd find them a whole lot less cute!

Needless to say, I could not walk away from this shirt. Not with the 20% off discount. Not after stalking it on the American Anthro site and planning to look for it when we go to San Francisco for Christmas - yes, did I mention we're going to San Francisco for Christmas!?  

Anyway. Rabbit shirt. It's awesome. 

Monday, 26 November 2012

A Price on my Head

Sweater: Gap, Cowl: Vero Moda, Skirt: Meadow Rue, Anthro, Boots: from Norway

Well, Anthro sure put a price on my head - the other day, a fed ex courier knocked on our door with a parcel from Anthropologie. They'd sent me a big scented candle - it smells lovely, of pomegranates I believe, and it came in such a cute jar too. There was also a little note saying they hoped I'd feel better soon, and some mysterious cardboard thingie with an A printed on it that I almost threw in the recycling, thinking it was just packaging. "Let me have a look at that," said Victor, and after my husband had fiddled with it for a minute, the thing popped open to reveal an Anthro gift card and a receipt. Can you guess how much the gift card was for?

Now, I realise Anthro weren't obliged to give me anything at all after one of their shelves fell on my head last week. (It hurt. A lot.) And I certainly wasn't expecting a gift card at all. So this isn't me being bitchy, this is me being bemused. They gave me £25, which equates to roughly $40. "That's the price on your head," my husband hoots. "Twenty-five quid!" I'm like, "Come on, I've got a degree and everything! Isn't my head worth at least 50?" Not to mention the massage I wound up getting to soothe all the tightened muscles in my back and neck so I'd be able to sleep a whole night straight - which I couldn't, post-shelf - because I kept waking up in pain - that massage cost rather more than £25. 

Joking aside, I did end up putting the gift card to good use this Sunday, after Victor and I had decided it was  right for me to accept it. Thanks to the 20% discount (yes, we got the same Black Friday deal in the UK, except it lasted all weekend!) plus the gift card, I could buy this brand new skirt for what I thought was a pretty fair price. Obviously, I plan on wearing it every day for the rest of my life. Hence my investment in the matching cowl. Prepare to get heartily sick of them both - because I genuinely don't have the space or the money for any more skirts!

Note: The skirt looks longer than me than on the model - that's because I sized up for extra length - the waistband is a bit loose, but I can easily take that in myself with a stitch or two. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Maybe, maybe not.

Shirt: H&M, Cardigan: Next, Trench-coat Skirt: Cartonnier, Boots: Hunter

I was kind of in two minds about posting these pictures. Maybe this outfit just looked better in my head? Maybe I should've ironed that skirt, instead of walking out of the house a wrinkled mess? Maybe I should've set an alarm and snuck off to take them on my own in the morning, instead of asking my husband to do it on the way to Christmas shopping? Because man, does Victor hate taking outfit photos, and I'm guessing it shows. But hey ho, I'm posting them anyway. Life is full of maybe's, but it's only what happens that matters. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Deer Park

Top: Anthro, Skirt: Vero Moda, Hiking shoes: uh, let's pretend they're not there?

Well, I'm still alive! Different bits of me hurt at different times, right now it's my lower back, and my neck is so stiff! But hey, I survived being conked in the head with a shelf, and I've worked out how to creatively disguise the bump on my head with my hair. Instead of taking outfit photos today, when I had zero energy and we had torrential rains, I decided to dig out the last of my outfit photos from Japan this summer. Every time I use out my Osaka Starbucks souvenir mug, to buy a Christmas drink, I get so nostalgic! 

These photos are from Nara, which is an easy day trip from Osaka. The city is full of semi-tame sika deer, who can go wherever they like and do what they want. It's like the whole city is this big deer park. They're cute, but slightly terrifying, because if they think you've got food - whooosh! They mob you.  

See, doesn't that deer look kind of psychotic?!  You can buy deer biscuits for them, which of course I did, because they're so cute, right? But then one of them BIT me because I wasn't feeding her fast enough! So as you can see in the photo below, I was approaching them with great caution after that, haha.  
"Nice deer, nice deer...?"

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Head, Meet Shelf!

Cardigan + belt: H&M, Top: Deletta, Jeans: AG Stevies, Boots: Meander Moto Boots

So I went to Anthro today and a shelf fell on my head. For reals. Happily I took these photos before that. 

See, I was actually on my way to Wholefoods to buy healthy eats, and was just planning to quickly run in there and try on two jackets so I'd know my size if they ever hit sale or something. Isn't that what everybody does? I mean, a girl's allowed to dream, right? 

Now, the way this store has its displays set up, there are some shelves along the wall with clothes hanging down from the bottom of the shelf on a pole. A pole attached to the bottom of a wide wooden shelf, which rests on two metal thingies - what do you call them, runners? Anyways, I'd tried on one of the jackets and was hanging it back up like a good little shopper, and then the whole shelf came down on my head. With an almighty bang, might I add. 

I have to say, the SA's were super nice to me, getting me an ice pack and a glass of water, taking turns sitting with me until I felt well enough to leave. Apparently most of them were named Lauren, which was another odd coincidence to slot into an already weird day.

While I was sitting there pressing an ice pack against my head - I now look like one of the Romans from Asterix the Gaul, with a head bump of seriously epic proportions - one of the Laurens complimented me on my outfit. So at least there was that. And I've been to the doctor, and apparently I only have a mild concussion and not a skull fracture at all. Yay! ... and owww.

To brighten the mood after that tale of near disaster - have an out-take! Because apparently, I have boobs. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Happily Ever Inspired

Cardigan: H&M, Dress: Rugged Carats dress, Anthro, Boots: Meander Moto Boots, Anthro 

Sometimes, I see an outfit or a colour combination  that makes me think, "I love it! I could copy that!" And such was the case recently with this pretty outfit on Sayaka's blog. It also meant I finally had to pull myself together and finish the neckline of this dress, so there was the added advantage of suddenly being able to wear something that's been sitting in my repair box forever. So double thanks to her for the inspiration!

Technically, this is the Rugged Carats dress - but if you're familiar with that dress, you may notice that I've done some  alterations... It started with me buying the dress in spite of the insane shape - the bottom was tight enough that I had to size up, while I was swimming in the sleeves, but I loved the print. My mother and I exchanged photos of the dress and discussed how to alter the sleeves over email, and it was really difficult but I did it. I wore the dress for a while, then realised I wasn't happy with the "shirt-tail" style hem, so I shortened that. I'd never liked the horrible elastic neckline either, so out came the elastic... And then it just sat in the box. Yesterday, I felt like a bit of a gonzo seamstress because I just fastened the neckline with pins and sewed it up without doing a test stitch. Luckily it worked, and I'm finally happy with this dress!

Maybe we can call it the Frankensteined Carats Dress now?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Chatted up

Boots, dress and blazer: All Anthro. Tights: American Apparel, leaf: Mother Nature. 

How lovely is this leaf I found? I took it home to scrapbook it, dork that I am. 

Funny story here - I was walking down the road in my lovely moto boots, making their lovely click-clack sound, and a guy started walking alongside me.
"Your boots are so loud," the guy said, grinning at me. 
He kept chatting to me while we were both walking in the same direction, and inevitably asked me where I was from. Now in my book, that's like the most obvious chat-up line ever. So I turned to the guy and went, 
"Excuse me, but is that a come-on?"
The guy looked shocked, to put it mildly. Oh no, of course not, he would never... etc. 
"Well, I just thought I should say, if it was, that I'm very happily married." 
Oh no, I mustn't think that, and anyway, he suddenly remembered he was going somewhere in the opposite direction... etc. 
And just because I can be an evil little creature when I want to, I told him that I didn't mind chatting at all since that hadn't, in fact, been a come-on. I told him I was from Norway, and where was he from? The Caribbean? Oh wow, he must be so cold here then, he must miss the lovely warm Caribbean terribly... etc. 
I kept him there for a good five minutes, squirming like a guilty schoolboy, before I finally said goodbye and sauntered away. And that guy? Well, he practically ran to get away from me. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Snow Day

Coat: Eastward Dress Coat, Jeans: AG Stevies, Boots: Timberland, Bag: Cath Kidston

These pictures were taken in Norway, when Victor and I went to visit my mother for a weekend. We all took a cable-car up to one of the nearby mountains, and the first thing my husband did up there was make a snowball and aim for my head. So of course this meant war. I tried to hit him right in the face, but I missed by like a mile. 

This is the husband mocking me, the little twerp! Shouting, "You throw like a girl!" 
Well, excuse me very much, but I am a girl? 

But, we kissed and made up anyway.  

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Lace, Dot, Stripes.

This outfit incorporates three of my favourite things in the world: Lace, dots and stripes. And my new moto boots. Okay, so that makes it four of my favourite things. I do like how they all look together! If it were feasible to use the words "polkadots" and "badass" in the same sentence, I just might! 

And in case you were wondering: Yes, I was cold when I took these. Very, very cold.