Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Chatted up

Boots, dress and blazer: All Anthro. Tights: American Apparel, leaf: Mother Nature. 

How lovely is this leaf I found? I took it home to scrapbook it, dork that I am. 

Funny story here - I was walking down the road in my lovely moto boots, making their lovely click-clack sound, and a guy started walking alongside me.
"Your boots are so loud," the guy said, grinning at me. 
He kept chatting to me while we were both walking in the same direction, and inevitably asked me where I was from. Now in my book, that's like the most obvious chat-up line ever. So I turned to the guy and went, 
"Excuse me, but is that a come-on?"
The guy looked shocked, to put it mildly. Oh no, of course not, he would never... etc. 
"Well, I just thought I should say, if it was, that I'm very happily married." 
Oh no, I mustn't think that, and anyway, he suddenly remembered he was going somewhere in the opposite direction... etc. 
And just because I can be an evil little creature when I want to, I told him that I didn't mind chatting at all since that hadn't, in fact, been a come-on. I told him I was from Norway, and where was he from? The Caribbean? Oh wow, he must be so cold here then, he must miss the lovely warm Caribbean terribly... etc. 
I kept him there for a good five minutes, squirming like a guilty schoolboy, before I finally said goodbye and sauntered away. And that guy? Well, he practically ran to get away from me. 


  1. What a funny story!! And funny he suddenly had to run off the opposite direction. Love how straight forward you were with him Gwen!! Way to go!! And I must mention that the jacket looks great on you!!

  2. Hehe, well I'm sick of letting creepy men make me uncomfortable, you know? It was totally a spur of the moment thing, but it worked so well I will definitely use that tactic again.

    And thanks! That jacket went on sale here a few weeks ago (but apparently it's full price in the US still) and then I snapped it up. :) I wear it instead of a cardigan, and it's one of the items I dream of wearing with the lapis lace skirt if and when I end up getting it.