Sunday, 18 November 2012

Happily Ever Inspired

Cardigan: H&M, Dress: Rugged Carats dress, Anthro, Boots: Meander Moto Boots, Anthro 

Sometimes, I see an outfit or a colour combination  that makes me think, "I love it! I could copy that!" And such was the case recently with this pretty outfit on Sayaka's blog. It also meant I finally had to pull myself together and finish the neckline of this dress, so there was the added advantage of suddenly being able to wear something that's been sitting in my repair box forever. So double thanks to her for the inspiration!

Technically, this is the Rugged Carats dress - but if you're familiar with that dress, you may notice that I've done some  alterations... It started with me buying the dress in spite of the insane shape - the bottom was tight enough that I had to size up, while I was swimming in the sleeves, but I loved the print. My mother and I exchanged photos of the dress and discussed how to alter the sleeves over email, and it was really difficult but I did it. I wore the dress for a while, then realised I wasn't happy with the "shirt-tail" style hem, so I shortened that. I'd never liked the horrible elastic neckline either, so out came the elastic... And then it just sat in the box. Yesterday, I felt like a bit of a gonzo seamstress because I just fastened the neckline with pins and sewed it up without doing a test stitch. Luckily it worked, and I'm finally happy with this dress!

Maybe we can call it the Frankensteined Carats Dress now?


  1. awww...your so sweet to mention me Gwen! I love this look and can't believe how beautifully you've transformed the Rugged Carats Dress by yourself! I like the hem much better straight and the neckline looks perfect as well. How cute that you had your mom on the phone helping! She must be a great seamstress too!!

  2. Well of course! It'd practically be idea theft if I didn't, eh? ;) So glad you like the outfit, and my alterations to the dress! And my mum is amazing, she helped me make medieval costumes for 10 people this spring, when I put on a Shakespeare play. She has an old hand-crank Singer machine she inherited from her grandmother, and she can work miracles with that thing!