Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Deer Park

Top: Anthro, Skirt: Vero Moda, Hiking shoes: uh, let's pretend they're not there?

Well, I'm still alive! Different bits of me hurt at different times, right now it's my lower back, and my neck is so stiff! But hey, I survived being conked in the head with a shelf, and I've worked out how to creatively disguise the bump on my head with my hair. Instead of taking outfit photos today, when I had zero energy and we had torrential rains, I decided to dig out the last of my outfit photos from Japan this summer. Every time I use out my Osaka Starbucks souvenir mug, to buy a Christmas drink, I get so nostalgic! 

These photos are from Nara, which is an easy day trip from Osaka. The city is full of semi-tame sika deer, who can go wherever they like and do what they want. It's like the whole city is this big deer park. They're cute, but slightly terrifying, because if they think you've got food - whooosh! They mob you.  

See, doesn't that deer look kind of psychotic?!  You can buy deer biscuits for them, which of course I did, because they're so cute, right? But then one of them BIT me because I wasn't feeding her fast enough! So as you can see in the photo below, I was approaching them with great caution after that, haha.  
"Nice deer, nice deer...?"


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures Gwen!! I went to Nara for a school trip when I was in high school. I remember those crazy deers. Yes, they literally attack you.....ever since I think I'm kind of scared of deers. Sorry to hear the you got bit by one!! Yikes. And I love your white flowy skirt. Perfect for the summer time in Japan!!

    1. It was more my pride that was hurt than anything else - I'm Norwegian, I'm supposed to be able to bond with Nature and talk to animals and stuff. And then a deer goes and bits me on the ass! They do make Nara magical though, and not all of them were so pushy.
      And that skirt was really great for that crazy hot weather, I practically lived it it.

  2. loving all those lanterns..great place to take fun!! love the dear too...

    Rosalyn looked great on EA today!!

    1. Yeah, the closters were great for pictures - the best thing was that they were often empty! And sometimes you'd be walking up to a temple and a deer would peek out at you from behind a stone column.
      And thanks - you looked pretty rad in your big fluffy skirt! :)