Sunday, 13 January 2013

Girl with the Red Pants

Jacket: Cartonnier, Top: Old Navy , Jeans: AG Stevies, Necklace, Anthro. 


The top I'm wearing in these pictures is really a cardigan I put on backwards. Shh! By that point of our holiday I was running out of clean clothes, so... Also, colour-blocking is still cool, right?

Speaking of colour, while Victor and I were walking through the Flamingo Casino after taking these pictures, I heard someone shout, "HEY! GIRL WITH THE RED PANTS!" I stopped dead. Were they talking to me? (Also, in the UK, when someone says pants they mean underpants!) Behind me, a girl with similar fire engine coloured trousers, a chambray shirt and a black scarf was waving at me enthusiastically. We went over for a chat, and it turns out she'd never seen anyone else wearing red trousers before. I almost asked her if her name was also Gwen, but it would have been too scary if she'd said yes! She was super nice, we even took a picture together before going out separate ways - that is, her friend took a picture on her iphone. My husband took no pictures whatsoever. Gah! Men!

And look, out-take of the day - which I shall name, "I Brush My Hair Sometimes, Because I'm Worth It."

Work those locks, baby! Yeah! 


  1. Saw this on Effortless Anthropologie and love it! The red pants + purple top = such a fun combo!
    xx, Emily

    1. Hey! Thanks Emily! For a second there, I thought the other red pants girl had somehow found me and made contact! ;)

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