Friday, 4 January 2013

Red jeans and sunshine

Jacket: Cartonnier, Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: Gap, Trousers: AG, Boots: from Norway

So, San Fran! It was fifty shades of awesome. These pictures were taken on the morning of a gloriously sunny and warm Christmas Eve, down on Pier 39. If you look carefully you can see the sea lions through the bars in the fence! They were so adorable, basking in the sunlight and having a scratch with their back fins. It was nice and warm, but thankfully not warm enough to smell them, hehe.

Also, check it out! My brand new red trousers match the Golden Gate bridge! I'm blending in with my surroundings like a regular ninja here. That's right, my first stop in San Fran, after our hotel of course, was Anthropologie - with my long-suffering husband in tow. The sale room had sadly been well and truly picked over, but I did find these awesome red jeans there that I'd been coveting since they first hit the stores months ago. And the best bit? Victor actually offered to take outfit photos of me, for the whole trip. Man, that boy sure must love me...  


  1. I'm glad to hear your trip went well. Yay for sunshine....and red pants! They look great:)

    1. Thanks Kristin! The San Fran part of our trip was just out-and-out amazing. :) And I've wanted bright red pants like these since forever, so I'm glad to hear they work for me! :)