Thursday, 31 January 2013

Very Sensible

Shirt: Gap, Cardigan: J.Crew, Skirt + Belt: Anthro, Boots: Clark's, Hat: Accessorize. 

I cannot have a good hair moment AND a good skirt moment at the same time! 
So when you've been taking pictures of yourself for a while, certain patterns begin to emerge... it kind of helps you to figure out what you like and what you don't like. And I've realised that I really, really like boots. It hadn't even struck me that it's kind of an anomaly to own this many pairs, and if you asked me which was my favourite, it would totally depend on which day it was... But this pair has served me very well, for at least five years!

Another thing I really like is Jackie cardigans. It's probably impossible to tell, but a) I really am wearing a Jackie cardigan here and b) it's navy blue, not black. It's one of the four (!) I snatched up at the J.Crew outlet store outside of Las Vegas, thinking I had to buy at least one sensible colour. I've made it my mission to wear and blog all my J.Crew cardigans in a row, so this should be fun...

Is there like a serious difference between J.Crew and J.Crew outlet by the way? I noticed the tags were different colours and specified the cardigans were outlet items, so now I'm wondering.


  1. That is a beautiful skirt on you - the fit is gorge!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! :) In case you're interested in the skirt, I sized up for extra length, and I haven't regretted it!

  2. I don't know what the specific differences are, but they are a bit different. I've just noticed that factory cardigans seem to be slightly lower quality. I don't think it's enough of a difference to matter much though.

    What a fun challenge - I can't wait to see all of your Jackie cardigans! Maybe I will try something similar sometime soon:)

    1. Thanks for telling me that! I thought the outlet cardigans seemed thinner, but then I wondered if that was all in my head. Weird, since I imagined Outlet stuff to be leftover stuff from the "official" shops.

      And yeah, it was pretty fun - you should do it too! I've managed to photograph all my Jackie outfits by so maybe I'll do a collage after I post them all. :)