Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Coit + The Crew

Cardigan & Shirt: J.Crew, Jeans: Old Navy, Belt: Bossini. Please ignore my shoes. ;)

If I look all freaked-out here, it's because of the sheer crazy amount of people who also decided going up into the Coit Tower would be a good idea. We queued and queued to get into the elevator (we'd gladly have taken the stairs but that wasn't allowed), and walked past the enormous queue to get back down with our hearts sinking - there only was the one elevator! And there was NOTHING at the top of the tower, which was kind of funny - there was the view, of course, but it was hard to get good pictures through the plexiglass.  

So, if you visit San Fran and feel like visiting the Coit Tower - trust me, it may look awesome and mysterious up there on the hill, but it works much better as a distant backdrop to your photos. Save your time and money for something a tad more exciting. Like, um, J.Crew, perhaps? There was almost nothing left in their sale section that I wanted, but this awesome green Jackie cardigan came home with me!


  1. Hey Gwen. Happy New Year! I've never been to the Coit so it was great to get your input!! Thanks :) I'll save my money for a cute Antho top. hehe. I love the colors you used here. You look so chic!!

    1. Hehe, thanks! Yeah, Coit with its original 1930`s elevator is definitely not a must-see. You can feel it shaking under you as it slowly creeps up the floors!

      I realised that I have a kelly green gingham shirt and a cobalt blue cardigan, so I`ll have to repeat this colour combo in reverse one day for more chic!