Monday, 25 February 2013

Budapest in Widescreen

I realise I haven't posted anything in forever, but no, I didn't die - I just went to Budapest with my husband. It's the most magical city, sliced neatly in half by the river - we stayed on the Pest side, but on walked across the chain bridge to the Buda to check out the National Gallery - the huge sprawling building in the last photo. We did so much cool stuff - went to the thermal baths where we swam and soaked in the different mineral pools, watched a ballet about Don Quixote and pigged out on lovely Hungarian food. 

I have to add though, I didn't pig out quite as much as that first picture makes it look like. That was just an open jacket and a bad angle. I mean seriously, it looks like my jacket is trying to eat Victor's jacket here:

And yes, I'm carrying a banana around. All the cool kids are doing it, didn't you know that?


  1. lol about the banana!! You and your husband are the cutest!! I've never been to Budapest but it does look amazing!! Love your orange hat too!!

    1. Hehe, thanks Sayaka! I adore that Anthro beanie hat! My friend sent it to me from the States. :) And yeah - it's healthy AND cool, you can't get any better snack than a banana. ;)