Friday, 29 March 2013

Lazy Sunday

Legg til bildetekst

This is what I wore for a Sunday of staying in with Victor and mostly huddling under a blanket together. Only interrupted by a quick trip to the swimming pool (it's around the corner, so that prevents me from being too lazy) and a grocery expedition. London is still in the grip of this weird second ice age, so this is pretty much the only dress that's warm enough for me to be able to wear, so it's a good thing it's comfy!

I cannot believe I almost convinced myself to give away this dress last year. I mean, seriously. Sure it's a little big on me, so the waistline sits in a slightly funny spot - but with the right belt, who can tell, right?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vic's Picks

Hat: Accessorize, Sweater: Anthro, Shirt: Vero Moda, Jeans: UniQlo, Boots: Anthro

This may sound weird and all, but sometimes my husband picks out my clothes. See, he grew up with sisters and has a keen eye for shapes and colours, and I've learned that if he says, "That dress would look really nice on you," then 90% of the time, he's right. Now, having a big ass, I'd initially sworn off  printed denim when it first started showing up in stores. No, polkadot denim doesn't count. 

But then mother was visiting and we took her to UniQlo, where he immediately made a beeline for these purple pants. "I think you should try these on," he said with conviction. And bizarrely, I liked the result. So here I am, wearing these insane floral jeans!  

I secretly call all the clothes that Victor picks out "Vic's Picks" in my head. They include, let me see, this dress, this blazer... and a bunch of stuff I haven't got round to blogging yet. Including a green denim Cartonnier blazer that looks like Django's jacket in Django Unchained. "I like how you dye, boy..."  

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Haircut Outfit

Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie, Shirt: White Stuff, Jeans: AG Stevies,
Boots: Anthro, Necklace + bag: Vero Moda
So this is what I wore to a) get my fringe cut and b) buy my new bag. My outfit was basically a walking proof that I could come up with outfits that would match said bag. Trust me, this makes sense in my head. 

I'm currently really getting into that "wear your cardigans as sweaters" thing that people were doing last year. Took me a while to suss on to it, but suddenly I was like, "Whoa, free instant sweater!" and then I was sold. And this lady tie necklace is the ideal length to disguise any labels, and too-high necklines. (Too high because they are the back of the cardigan. You know.)

 Victor keeps looking at me and saying things like, "You know, I can see your buttons", "That looks so daggy!" and "I can just buy you a sweater!" Since it seems to truly get his goat, that's given me another reason I have to keep doing this! 

Finally, inspired by this nail d.i.y. Sayaka did ages ago, I tried my hand at polkadot nails! Ahem, to match my new bag, of course. I only did one nail on each hand, next time I'll be more adventurous. Sorry about the bad quality of this photo, by the way, it's from my phone!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Creature of Habit

Sweater: from Norway, Shirt (worn underneath): Cath Kidston, Skirt: Meadow Rue

I wish there was a Photoshop tool for removing lint! Because looking at these photos, it's clear this sweater could use a wash! Oh well, this is real life, and you'll have to take me for who I am - lint and all. 

So last Sunday, I spotted a cute Japanese girl wearing a similar get-up, except she also had a black floppy hat on, and yeah. I was seized with the desire to copy that adorable outfit - I even hiked up my skirt to make it more midi length. Though the fake neck tie is my own addition; it's actually part of the shirt I was wearing underneath. It seems like I am forever building outfits around this skirt, but then I am a creature of habit. I'm that annoying friend who always wants to go to the same cafe and order the same meal, in case they run out of it one day or something...    

Friday, 15 March 2013


Sweater & watch: Anthropologie, Jeans: Old Navy, Bag: Vero Moda

 So yeah, I went and got myself a fringe! Partly because of a part I've got in this play, where we decided my character ought to have a fringe, and partly because I've been getting a bit sick of my long face and fancied a change. Still, it was pretty scary. When long swathes of my own hair landed in my lap, I felt my heart stop just a little bit. I faced the rest of that haircut with my eyes resolutely shut!

It's weird having a fringe.It feels funny, the way it rubs against my brows, and it's strange seeing myself in the mirror or in pictures. But I think I like it... I especially like how it looks with a wide-leg jeans and a Peter Pan collar - kind of like a 70's vibe, am I right?

This bag is new, by the way! I'm so infatuated with this bag that I matched my outfit to it, more or less. I'm feeling weirdly adventurous branching out into neutrals with just like, a little splattering of neon colour here and there! 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Purple Friday

Cardigan: Anthro, Shirt: Gap, Trousers: Pilcro, Boots: Jasper & Jeera, Scarf: Vero Moda

One of my besties came over from Norway, and we've been having the loveliest time. Which means I haven't had any time for my usual antisocial behaviour of sneaking around taking photos of myself in public places. So here are some pictures of me from... last Friday? I think... I'm pretty sure this is what I wore to our date night of Mexican food and watching Hansel and Gretel while laughing ourselves silly. 

Oh, and I now have a fringe! My friend and I went to get haircuts together today, which was equal parts terrifying and fun. My face looks so strange with a fringe! 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Casual Saturday

Blazer: UniQlo, Necklace: J.Crew, Shirt: Old Navy, husband's, Jeans: Old Navy, mine,
Boots: from Norway. 

I'm a thief and I'll admit it. Every since my husband bought this shirt on our trip to the US, I've been surreptitiously sneaking it out of his closet and wearing it. Sometimes it doesn't even make it into the closet, sometimes I just nick it right off the drying rack. Because, I mean, it's so soft. At least I say sorry, and wash it for him afterwards...

Anyway, just a casual outfit for a Saturday of going to the mall and hanging out with Victor and our friends. I guess this is kind of tame for me? I just really felt the need to not wear any colours other than denim, does that mean I'm getting sick or something? In my desperate longing for spring, I've started swapping my cardigans for blazers... which I then have to wear under my winter jacket anyway!  

Friday, 8 March 2013


Sweater & necklaces: Thrifted, Trousers: Anthropologie, Boots: From Norway

These purple cords finally went on sale at the end of February, and I pounced on them. They're what you might call an upgrade on my previous pair of purple cords, which were so big on me that I had to give them away. So this is my upgrade pair, if you will - one size down. Pat to myself on the back for losing that weight, it will not be coming back on!

Also, this thrifted sweater from Norway is like my big sweatery love at the moment. I've literally worn it to bed, it's been that cold. I thrifted the necklaces on the same thrifting trip; it was like one of those magical thrifting days that I only read about on other peoples' blogs. Thrifty bliss! 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Colour chart!

So my friend is trying to buy me a present. She's requested a colour chart, since I wear so many colours that it's hard to know which are my favourites. And since I am all about making it easy for my friends to buy me clothes, here goes - in no particular order:

First off, a two-in-one kind of picture! This kind of rusty warm orange - "burnt cinnamon", J.Crew calls it - rocks my socks in a major way. Also, these royal blue pants are my kryptonite, I just love this colour!

As you can see, mustard yellow is another favourite! Splash! And while we're at it, here's my favourite type of stripes - small narrow ones, since they're the most flattering on my Viking frame. 

Here we have two more colours I love - icy pale purple and fire engine red! This is what happens when I wear a cardigan backwards in Las Vegas. 

Another colour I love is navy. This is probably one of the first outfits I posted, you can see it here. It made me feel like a ballet dancer, which let's be honest isn't something that happens too often.

Ah yes, and I do like burgundy. Or oxblood. Whatever the name, I do love it so. And this skirt, which combines two things I love - burgundy and lace. And deer. 

I realised I actually don't have any current photos of me wearing one of my all-time favourite colours ever, olive green! Took me a while of rooting through ancient, pre-this-blog outfit photos but I finally found one. 

So there you have it, hon! All my favourite photos, and the silliest poses I could find myself wearing them in! Remember my big ass and chubby arms - and that my body is about 85%  legs. A cute short skirt on the average lady might make me look like a two-dollar ho. If you're in doubt, size up! I have a sewing machine, and I'm not afraid to use it. But now that you've seen this lot, finding something I like should be easy as pie, right?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mustard and Mint

Cardigan: Next, Sweaterdress & belt: Anthro, Boots: Clark's, Scarf & Necklace: Gifts

It's funny how this outfit made me feel so totally myself - like, I just felt so well wearing this. And my scarf and necklace combo makes me happy because they were both gifts from dear friends of mine. The scarf was a Christmas present my amazing cop friend bought me on her trip to India, and the necklace is from my good friend/honorary baby sister, who bought it for my birthday with her pocket money back when she was 16. Every time I think of that I'm still so touched. 

 Anyways, I actually got the idea for this colour combination from this stylish lady right here, though I don't think I can find the post I nicked it from before our internet crashes again! This is why I love blogging, when you can share ideas and get inspiration from others that you would normally never get!