Saturday, 9 March 2013

Casual Saturday

Blazer: UniQlo, Necklace: J.Crew, Shirt: Old Navy, husband's, Jeans: Old Navy, mine,
Boots: from Norway. 

I'm a thief and I'll admit it. Every since my husband bought this shirt on our trip to the US, I've been surreptitiously sneaking it out of his closet and wearing it. Sometimes it doesn't even make it into the closet, sometimes I just nick it right off the drying rack. Because, I mean, it's so soft. At least I say sorry, and wash it for him afterwards...

Anyway, just a casual outfit for a Saturday of going to the mall and hanging out with Victor and our friends. I guess this is kind of tame for me? I just really felt the need to not wear any colours other than denim, does that mean I'm getting sick or something? In my desperate longing for spring, I've started swapping my cardigans for blazers... which I then have to wear under my winter jacket anyway!  


  1. Love this casual look on you Gwen!! Sometimes it feels refreshing to go simple and casual don't you think? And love the Uniqlo blazer!!

    1. Thanks Sayaka, I know exactly what you mean - it was so refreshing to just wear something very understated for a change. :)