Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Creature of Habit

Sweater: from Norway, Shirt (worn underneath): Cath Kidston, Skirt: Meadow Rue

I wish there was a Photoshop tool for removing lint! Because looking at these photos, it's clear this sweater could use a wash! Oh well, this is real life, and you'll have to take me for who I am - lint and all. 

So last Sunday, I spotted a cute Japanese girl wearing a similar get-up, except she also had a black floppy hat on, and yeah. I was seized with the desire to copy that adorable outfit - I even hiked up my skirt to make it more midi length. Though the fake neck tie is my own addition; it's actually part of the shirt I was wearing underneath. It seems like I am forever building outfits around this skirt, but then I am a creature of habit. I'm that annoying friend who always wants to go to the same cafe and order the same meal, in case they run out of it one day or something...    


  1. LOVE this skirt so much!

    I can relate - I am a creature of habit as well, especially when it comes to restaurants. When you find something you like, why not stick with it? I do force myself to branch out every once in a while:)

  2. Hehe, thank you - why haven't you bought it yet? :P It would suit you, and matches "our" new Oxford shoes, you know! ;)

    And re: eating out, exactly! Every time I suggest going somewhere different, or order something different in a familiar place, Victor goes "Oooh!" in like a really Mean Girls sort of way! He'll tease me regardless of what I do! :)