Friday, 8 March 2013


Sweater & necklaces: Thrifted, Trousers: Anthropologie, Boots: From Norway

These purple cords finally went on sale at the end of February, and I pounced on them. They're what you might call an upgrade on my previous pair of purple cords, which were so big on me that I had to give them away. So this is my upgrade pair, if you will - one size down. Pat to myself on the back for losing that weight, it will not be coming back on!

Also, this thrifted sweater from Norway is like my big sweatery love at the moment. I've literally worn it to bed, it's been that cold. I thrifted the necklaces on the same thrifting trip; it was like one of those magical thrifting days that I only read about on other peoples' blogs. Thrifty bliss! 


  1. Love the cords - what a great color! Are they AG?

    1. Thanks Kristin! They're Pilcro, actually! I'm normally an AG girl and this is the first Pilcro pair I've tried, and they're great!

  2. Super cute color combo!! Love the gray boots too!!

  3. I'm glad you like it, Sayaka! It was such a fun outfit to wear, and as comfy as pajamas! ;)