Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vic's Picks

Hat: Accessorize, Sweater: Anthro, Shirt: Vero Moda, Jeans: UniQlo, Boots: Anthro

This may sound weird and all, but sometimes my husband picks out my clothes. See, he grew up with sisters and has a keen eye for shapes and colours, and I've learned that if he says, "That dress would look really nice on you," then 90% of the time, he's right. Now, having a big ass, I'd initially sworn off  printed denim when it first started showing up in stores. No, polkadot denim doesn't count. 

But then mother was visiting and we took her to UniQlo, where he immediately made a beeline for these purple pants. "I think you should try these on," he said with conviction. And bizarrely, I liked the result. So here I am, wearing these insane floral jeans!  

I secretly call all the clothes that Victor picks out "Vic's Picks" in my head. They include, let me see, this dress, this blazer... and a bunch of stuff I haven't got round to blogging yet. Including a green denim Cartonnier blazer that looks like Django's jacket in Django Unchained. "I like how you dye, boy..."  


  1. So sweet that your husband picks out some of your clothes! Love those printed pants and great hat!


    1. Thanks Rebecca! He really is the sweetest man! :3
      PS:They still sell the pants at UniQlo if you're interested in getting them!

  2. My BF has zero interest in fashion, so it's really cool that your guy likes to put together outfits for you sometimes!

  3. Hehe, I do like knowing that he thinks I look good by default, as it were! ;)