Sunday, 28 April 2013

This is not a fashion statement

Sweater: Thrifted, Shirt: White Stuff, Trousers + shoes: Anthro, Glasses: American Apparel
Okay, so let me just say one thing right off the bat - it's not like I secretly wear glasses and just take them off for outfit photos; these glasses are fake. And these glasses are not a fashion statement, okay? The reason I have them is... actually kind of gross. I tend to keep things cheery here, which is why I haven't written anything about being plagued by eye infections since late October. I didn't think anybody would want to read descriptions of how I've been peeling thick yellow pus off my own eyeballs, you know? 

The infections sort of come and go, and though they seem to be caused by stress, I realised the cold made them worse. So I started wearing sunglasses when I went outside. Of course, after dark they had to come off, or I would wander into anything from lamp posts to oncoming traffic.Which is why I found myself at American Apparel buying these hipster glasses, selected mainly because 1) They're big enough to cover my eyes properly and 2) They were the only pair that didn't make me look like a douchebag. Also, I think they kind of make me look like Mayama from Honey and Clover - especially with this sweater on. If you don't read girly manga or watch any J-drama, here's a picture to prove it:

 See? Aside from the main differences like hair length, race and gender, I totally look like him!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

It's that skirt again...

Sweater: Zara, Skirt: Meadow Rue, Boots: Anthro

These past few days have been bananas. But in a good way! I just haven't had time to take pictures... so here are a couple from last Wednesday. Because when I start wearing something, I just can't get that thing out of my head... so the River School skirt has been seeing a lot of action lately. Good thing it's machine washable and can be ironed! 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Red, White and Blue

Hat: Anthro, Cardigan: H&M, old, Top: Holly & Whyte, Trousers: Anthro, old.

So these bright blue trousers have been in storage since forever, and now it's finally warm enough to wear them! With tights, mind, it's not that warm. I knew I wanted to pair them with this top I got in Norway - on this last picture, you can see the pretty lace panel at the top - this is one cute shirt, isn't it? The hat and cardigan followed sort of at random, and I really surprised myself by adding the belt - I was like, "Man, I totally feel like a style blogger now, wearing a belt around my waist for no apparent reason!"  I'm not sure if it looks good or silly, but I kind of liked it at the time! 

Looking at these pictures, it strikes me that I'm wearing the colours of the Norwegian flag - and the American flag for that matter, but then I'm not American. And Norway Day - May 17th - is fast approaching, so maybe this would be an acceptable outfit for the big day if it rains? Which it might, since I think my home town actually holds some kind of rain-related Guinness Record. I might just start playing around with red, white and blue outfits on the blog, just to see what my options are...

And on a totally serious note, Boston. Holy crap. Words can not express the sympathy I feel. I get what native Bostonians and New Englanders are going through - it was the same for us when that creep Breivik committed the massacre in Norway two years ago. Horrible events made even more horrible because they strike so close to home. Damn... 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring! At last!

Cardigan: J.Crew outlet, Top: Deletta, Skirt: Meadow Rue, Boots: Clark's.

It's finally spring! After a winter that lasted longer than the Irish Potato Famine, there are finally green buds on the trees, and no more snow for the sun to melt! I am so happy that I just want to dance around and hug every stranger I see. 

 I'm also happy because I finally get to wear this outfit, which is one I put together in my head months ago. By the time the River School skirt hit sale in the UK, it was way too cold to wear skirts, which was kind of painfully ironic.The landscape picture on this skirt is very similar to the landscape near my family's holiday cabin in Norway. That's the main reason why I heart this skirt so much. I can't wait to come up with other ways to wear it, too! 

Friday, 12 April 2013

A 70's Peter Pan Gatsby kind of outfit...

Sweater: Anthro, Trousers: Hand-me-downs from a friend, Shoes: Anthro

Ever since I finished altering the Kazpants, I've been dying to wear this exact outfit. It's kind of like a 70's take on something a male character from a novel set in the roaring 20's might wear, right? Pinstripe trousers and Oxford shoes, which will forever be called the Gatsby Shoes in my head... and my Peter Pan collar sweater. Okay, so maybe my ideas of style are a bit strange - after all, I felt like I'd dressed like a man the whole day I wore this outfit... and looking at the pictures, um, clearly not. I mean, the boobs and the long hair totally ruin the masculine effect. 

In other news, my little sister has dyed her hair a sort of blueish turquoise. Which I realise sounds insane, but it actually looks like beautiful multi-faceted mermaid hair. We have taken to calling each other Cyan and Nemi, and there may be plans afoot for us to dress up as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Jupiter. Wish me luck, because if that actually ends up happening, I'll need it in spades...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Polkadot Blazer!

Jacket: Holly & Whyte, Top: Zara, Jeans: AG Stevies, Boots: Anthro. 

So a while ago, my good friend Sunny (a more appropriate nickname was never handed out!), who is the assistant manager of a Norwegian clothing store, declared that I was due a present. I made a post for her with my favourite outfits in it, and based on that, she decided that the polkadot blazer they were about to get in would be just up my alley. Saying she was right would be like saying the Thames is polluted as hell. Which it is. What I mean is, I love, love, love this blazer!

Of course, like a pretty blonde angel of temptation, she took me to the store to get the sizing of the blazer right. And well, there was a lot of other cute stuff in the same collection as the blazer that I also wound up getting. Most of it covered in polkadots. I'm nothing if not predictable, at least where there is a friend with a staff discount involved! 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Melon socks!

Sweater, cords + shoes: all Anthro, Socks: Springfield, Necklaces: Thrifted, Scarf: H&M.

I love these socks!! I mean, just look at them!!

My brother assures me that ponytails make women insanely attractive, which is why I'm wearing a ponytail in these pictures. Not that you can see it, but it's there. Of course, it could all be an elaborate joke to make me look silly, since I never put much trust in ponytails myself. Anyway, he's all into that 1950's style, when girls wore flared dresses and ponytails, chewed gum and dated boys called Chuck. Meanwhile, my husband is into the 1930's big time, to the point where he now owns a top hat and wants to dress up as Nikola Tesla the next time we get invited to a fancy dress party.Which I'm hoping will be kinda soon, because I mean, is the world ready for a sailor-mouthed Chinese Tesla? I can't wait to find out. 

The socks, by the way, are a gift from Victor from when he went to Belgrade. Where the Tesla Museum is, can you see a pattern here? I love them, especially when they're peeking out from my crazy purple Oxfords, because as we all know, purple and orange are like white rice and soy sauce, they make each other that much more awesome. Yes, I based my whole outfit around my socks and shoes. 
I'm feeling all sorts of wild and crazy! 

Monday, 1 April 2013

KAZPANTS! Or: Pinstripe + Chambray!

Cardigan: J.Crew, Shirt: Gap, Trousers: Punkyfish, Hat: Anthro, Necklace: J.Crew

 My friend Kaz gave me these pants last summer, which is why I've named them the Kazpants. They're her hand-me-downs of hers, which makes me love them all the more because my friend used to wear them. In fact, I remember seeing her in them and wishing I had a pair like that... so maybe I put some subconscious telepathy out there? It took me forever to alter them so I could wear them without tripping and falling, but I'm so happy with the result!

London is still in the grip of icy winds that seem to cut through flesh and bone. That's why I've started taking outfit photo's on our balcony - it's that, or literally freeze to death, and let strangers steal our camera from my cold corpse.* And yes, I'm doing that cardigan-as-sweater thing again. What can I say, they make awesome top layers over long shirts!

* Yes, I'm exaggerating. But only a little.