Friday, 12 April 2013

A 70's Peter Pan Gatsby kind of outfit...

Sweater: Anthro, Trousers: Hand-me-downs from a friend, Shoes: Anthro

Ever since I finished altering the Kazpants, I've been dying to wear this exact outfit. It's kind of like a 70's take on something a male character from a novel set in the roaring 20's might wear, right? Pinstripe trousers and Oxford shoes, which will forever be called the Gatsby Shoes in my head... and my Peter Pan collar sweater. Okay, so maybe my ideas of style are a bit strange - after all, I felt like I'd dressed like a man the whole day I wore this outfit... and looking at the pictures, um, clearly not. I mean, the boobs and the long hair totally ruin the masculine effect. 

In other news, my little sister has dyed her hair a sort of blueish turquoise. Which I realise sounds insane, but it actually looks like beautiful multi-faceted mermaid hair. We have taken to calling each other Cyan and Nemi, and there may be plans afoot for us to dress up as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Jupiter. Wish me luck, because if that actually ends up happening, I'll need it in spades...


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    1. Wow, that's so sweet of you! Thank you so much, Jenni! :)