Saturday, 4 May 2013

Earth Colours

Dress, hat and belt: Anthro. Necklace: from Barcelona, Bangle: F21.


 When my mother and I were going through the sale racks at Anthro the other week, I suggested this dress to her. I'd been lusting over it myself since October or whenever, back when they first brought the thing out, but I thought it would suit her much better. Her response? "Well, it isn't the sort of thing you can just throw on before running for the bus, is it."
To which I replied, "Uh, I would." And yeah, guess who ended up buying it?
As I get older I find myself getting almost sensible. I mean, sure this dress wasn't the most considered purchase in the world, but it's in dark brown, my basic colour. So it's a great basic backdrop for all the mad scarves, necklaces and cardigans I own. Is it weird that one of my favourite colour combinations ever is yellow and brown?


  1. I need more dresses like this - easy to throw on, comfortable, stylish, and sort of like a backdrop for whatever accessories float your boat!

    1. Exactly! I'm wearing it with a denim jacket and a fedora today, and it totally works! Dresses like this are awesome. It came in a sort of jade colour too, maybe that's more your speed?