Friday, 10 May 2013

Green Jeans!

Jacket: UniQlo, Top: Holly & Whyte, Jeans: AG Stevies via ebay, Shoes: Clarks outlet.

I have some of the awesomest friends. Like, in the world. Because when I found these kelly green jeans on ebay, in my size, after having missed out on them last year, my friend Grace kindly agreed to send them to the UK for me. So I owe her a big massive thank you! I'm like a kid with a new toy, I've already worn them several days in a row... but this was the first outfit I put them in. That makes is special, right?
I was totally going for the nautical vibe, and I was going to wear my leopard print flats too... only then I realised I'd left them in Norway, and ended up trying my purple ones instead. Am I nuts or does this look cool? I kind of like this mad, bright combo! And check out the bare ankles, and the fact that I match the foilage! It's finally spring for realsises! London, anyway. Apparently, Norway had sleet the day I took these. But hey, one out of two ain't bad!


  1. The AG's look fabulous on you Gwen!! And I love your flats. What a cute color combination!!

    1. Thank you Sayaka! I dropped a size in AG's a while ago, hehe. And I can see myself repeating the green and purple combo! :)