Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Jane Eyre

Say hello to my new favourite T-shirt. I've been drooling over the Out of Print website for ages, where old book covers make it onto soft, fitted T-shirts. What always stopped me from getting one was the sheer hassle of importing one from the US - and then suddenly, one of my local bookstores was selling them! 

Jane Eyre was one of my favourite classical novels, discovered during my one term of English Lit. If I'm going to wear a book across my tits, it had better be one I love, so that one had to come home with me. Also, it cracks me up how the picture looks like one of those old Harlequin Silhouette covers. Here's me kneeling so you can get the full cheesy effect of Jane gasping as Mr. Rochester gallops through the night. 

I added the leopard print because the outfit seemed to need a little extra something, and I think it worked! I would have worn leopard shoes as well, if not for the rain. Suddenly I can't help thinking of Jane wearing leopard print, maybe that would've made her happier. And Mr. Rochester would've got a kick out of it too - "Your're looking terribly feisty today, Miss Eyre..." 


  1. Those two colours are so pretty together, Gwen. Love this look! And yay, for new favourite shirts - I loved Jane Eyre growing up! xo

    1. Glad you like the combo, I thought it was a bit mad, haha. High five, fellow Jane Eyre fan - I was so in love with Mr Rochester, it was ridiculous! ;)