Thursday, 6 June 2013

Leopard and Neon

Scarf: from Taiwan, Cardigan: J.Crew outlet, Jeans: Old Navy, Boots: Anthro, Bracelet: from Germany

So today I got to destroy a TV. It was incredibly satisfying. You see, one of the other props I need for the play is a TV, but since the back of the TV is always facing the audience, they won't be able to see that the TV no longer has a screen. Because I opened that big 80's monster of a TV up, using wire cutters and bolt-twisty things and maybe four different types of screwdrivers. And then we lifted the screen out, and hot damn did that thing weigh a ton! So now we have a super-light empty shell of a TV that we can easily lug up and down staris without anybody throwing their back out. That is, when I work out how to stick the bits I'm keeping back together...

Also, leopard print and neon, you guys. I love it! This outfit is from last week, but I was actually wearing leopard print shorts when I dismantled the TV, and when I went to the hardware store to buy a special kind of bolt spanner thingie. And I tell you, I've never had faster service in my life.

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