Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday Best and Liebster Award

Cardigan: Anthro, Dress: Wallis, Tights: American Apparel, Boots: Old.
So a while ago the lovely Jenni of Gnome Lover went and nominated me for this Liebster Award thingie, and like a dork I didn't do anything about it. Sorry, Jenni! It's not that I didn't care, I was just drowning in the gigantic mess that is my life!
It's like, waaay too late for me to try to nominate other bloggers or anything, but at least I can have a go at answering those questions, eh?
This is my flasher pose. Kidding!
1. What is your favourite childhood memory?
Playing the middle head of a three-headed troll in a school play. I think we were about twelve? The troll was supposed to be somebody's mother-in-law but I was the only girl, and sat in the middle. Our costume was basically a massive sack with three holes cut out for our heads, and we just sat on a bench and talked smack - if we'd moved around, our different heights would have destroyed the illusion completely. (Uh, what illusion? Like anybody even believed it for one second?) We back-combed our hair to make it stick out crazily and blackened our teeth, and I remember having so much fun!

2. What is the most amazing place you've ever been to?
Japan, no doubt about it! Victor and I went there for our honeymoon, and we've been back three times since! Whether it was visiting the Sand Museum in Nima and standing under a year's worth of sand, walking through the tunnels of red torii gates at Fushimi Inari or being chased and bitten by crazy deer in Nara, every trip there has given us special memories to treasure forever.
3. What is your least favourite household chore?
Washing the bathroom. Scrubbing sticky grey wet dust off everything is just not something I enjoy in life. Ugh!
4. What is your favourite meal?
This kind of changes a lot, but basically anything with salmon in it. Especially sashimi. There is this dish our local Japanse place makes, Salmon donbury with sashimi... Or this thing I make, where I marinate salmon fillets in teriyaki sauce, with white rice and crunchy fresh salad on the side!

5. Why did you start a blog?
Well, it looked like so much fun! And I wanted to be able to share my newfound love of fashion and stuff with other people who like the same things, and maybe make some new friends, too. Plus it helps me Challenge myself not to wear the same unimaginative outfit every day. If I look myself in the mirror and decide it's a blog-worthy outfit, I feel pretty good!  
6. What is your favourite Movie?
It's so hard to pick just one, but if I have to choose, I'd say "Amelie". It's just the quirkiest, most adorable film ever. It makes me instantly want to move to Paris every time I watch it! (Which I haven't done for what, a couple of years now?! But it's still my favourite film, honest.)
7. Do you speak another Language?
Baby, I speak three. Well, kind of. I used to learn Russian, so I can just about get by ordering bread, sausage and fish in a shop. I can wish you good morning and ask for the nearest bus-stop. I do speak fluent German though - we had to learn it in school, and it's come in surprisingly useful. And I speak Norwegian since, well, I am Norwegian. So I don't really consider that a skill!    

8. What advice would you have given Your younger self?
"Don't be so hard on yourself." And maybe, "Take less crap from people."

9. Would you travel to outer space, if given the opportunity?
Oh yes. Hell yes! Seven flavours of hell yes. That would be too incredible to pass up!
10. Do you like camping?
You know, I've never actually tried it, but I suspect I wouldn't. I'm more of a house rabbit than a wild rabbit - although I'm outdoorsy enough to cut down trees and build bonfires, I prefer a roof over my head, thank you very much!

Whew! I have a feeling there was an eleventh question, but I never seem to have copied that one down, so this is me taking a bow from talking about myself! Thanks for nominating me and setting these questions, Jenni, it's been really fun trying to answer them all!  


  1. Your answers were lovely! Thanks for doing this! I loved "I'm more of a house rabbit than a wild rabbit." Fantastic answer! I knew I liked you!

    I wish I could see a pic of that troll costume. Although, I could picture it in my mind with your description!

    I loved learning more about you! I would love to travel to Japan!

    Hav a wonderful day!


    1. Aw, thanks for the sweet comment! My husband and I have developed all this rabbit humour because I can twitch my nose, that's why! :)

      As for the costume? The sack was a dark grey. Charcoal, I would say. Hope that helps! ;) :P

      And Japan is wonderful, I hope you have the opportunity to go sometime! We're Lucky enough that we have family in Oz and Hong Kong, so we can use Japan as our stopover when we go to visit. :)

  2. I love all your answers Gwen!! So happy to hear that Japan is the most amazing place you've visited!! And I'm so impressed that you can speak 3 languages!! And last but not least you outfit is so adorable!! I love everything about it!!

    1. Well your homeland is pretty incredible, you know? We're going there again in October, can't wait!! And you know, growing up in Norway learning other languages is kind of necessary, because outside of Scandinavia, who will understand you, right? So we started with very basic English and German at the age of seven, that's why I'm fluent.
      And yay, glad you like this outfit! I loved wearing it, it's a definite repeat for sure. :)