Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shady Lady

Dress: Dakota shirtdress, Anthropologie, Cargo vest: from Norway, Hiking shoes: a sad necessity.

So this exact outfit is what I wore to go dumpster-diving today.
At this point, you're probably going "Whaaat?!" - whether at the fact that I do stuff like that and admit to it on the internets or that I did it in a dress. Or that I involved my mother in this shady affair. But don't you worry, I actually had permission from the store, so that makes it okay, right? See, I'm doing this production of a play that reqires a small redfridgerator as part of the set. And since it doesn't have to be a working refridgerator, and we're on a bit of a shoestring budget here, I wound up asking the local electronics store if we could have a broken one for free. Which is how I wound up playing real-life Tetris with defunct washing machines and cookers inside a big red cargo-container.

 And no, of course I didn't make my mother help lift heavy objects! She was just there to drive the getaway van - uh, make that getaway Polo...
Also, I bought cheap Aviator sunglasses the other day because the light here is bright, you guys! And like a genius I'd left every pair of shades I own behind in London. And I bought this utility vest because I've been wanting a utility vest forever, and when the perfect one leaps into my hands at the store, I have to buy it. I actually felt kind of manly in this getup, which is silly because you know, I'm wearing a dress. Duh!


  1. This is the first time I've seen you wear the Dakota dress on you. It looks lovely on you!! So funny that you went dumpster driving in it!!But I like a women who's not afraid to get dirty wearing pretty cloth!!

    1. Hehe, thank you! But you know what, I actually didn't get it dirty at all! Only damage was a tiny hole in my tights! I got it plenty sweaty, though! ;) I love the colour of this dress, but the fit is super awkward. I had to take the elastic waistband out because it landed right under my boobs, and until I put a new one in, I have to fake it with elastic belts, haha! ;)