Sunday, 2 June 2013

Surrounded by Green Stuff

Top: Holly & Whyte, Jeans: AG Stevies, Necklace: F21, Boots & belt: Anthro

At the moment, I am in Norway, and Norway is very, very green. After a six-month winter, mother nature has just exploded, and everything is flowering at once. The intense levels of green are almost enough to hurt your eyes. Almost. I do love it. Life is mad at the moment, and the only coherent thought I can form right now is, "Greeeeen."
Also, I am loving the Holly & Whyte brand carried by the Scandinavian clothing chain Lindex. It's rapidly joining UniQlo as my "favourite poor man's J.Crew".  


  1. I've never been to Norway before but it sounds lovely!! (My dad has been quite a few times for business and tells me how great it is) I love the red denim on you!! And love your interpretation of Uniqlo....hehe. I totally agree!!

    1. How nice that your dad is a Norway fan! You should come here too sometime! And glad I'm not alone in thinking that about UniQlo, heh. It's the closest I get since they don't have J.Crew in the UK. ;)