Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cabin Fever

Dress: Cath Kidston, Belt: Anthro, Sandals: Timberland
 Please excuse the mess on our balcony! It's the wind that knocks everything around out there, I swear! Also, sorry that I look a bit weird (read: stoned) in these pictures. It was really hot when I took them, and that kind of intense heat just conks me out! When it's too warm to even wear my beloved bangs as bangs, like, when my forehead needs air, that's when you know it's hot!

So anyway, this dress! I've had it for months (it was my birthday present to myself, in fact) and never blogged it before, so it was high time! When I saw the cute print on this dress, it just had to be mine, because the little red cabins look exactly like my family's cabin back in Norway. That cabin is the best place on earth to just get away from it all and charge your batteries. 

Nothing helps you put your frustrations to the back of your mind like sawing down a tree or scrubbing the terrace. Or sitting by the fjord and looking at the mountains while seagulls circle and caw over your head.  Can you tell I miss the place? So this dress is sort of my little way of reminding myself that even though I live in a big smelly city, there is this little oasis of calm waiting for me back home.  

This dress is pale blue, but looking at these photos it could kind of pass for mint, couldn't it? Have I been wearing a colour I claim to hate because it washes me out for months on end and not realising?! On the bright side, that means this dress might transfer nicely into fall, which I can sense is just around the corner now, with my mustard cardigan and sparkly ankle boots. Because mustard and mint makes me kind of like mint after all...  

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Summer Rain

Top: Anthro, old, Cardigan: J.Crew outlet, Jeans: AG Stevies, Anthro, Boots: Hunter

So we went to France! Just for a long weekend trip, with a close friend of ours. She's so close, in fact, that we call her our second wife, but I assure you that's in name only! We had an absolute blast, but rather than start going through the several hundred photos from our trip, I thought I'd blog what I'm wearing today. 

My raincoat is from a store in my home town of Bergen, Norway. 

Because it's raining! I'm nowhere near ready for summer to be over just yet, but even if it is, I've got to say we've had a pretty amazing one. So I don't know if we've just entered the Dog Days or if it's just Mother Earth going "ENOUGH!" at this crazy heatwave that's been going on across Europe, but today called for jeans, an umbrella and a mac!
(Mother Earth would talk entirely in capitals, by the way. Like Terry Pratchett's Death. I'm pretty sure of this.)

Now, I've come to realise that photographing yourself from below is not the smartest thing to do, if you're the owner of a fine curvelicious bod like mine. (See, no putting myself down, just because my ass is big. Um, wait a minute...) However, I had to do it today because of the crazy amounts of rain - I had to put the camera on the brick bench where the branches would protect it from getting wet. Because nobody wants a soggy digital SLR. Least of all my husband, who technically owns the thing. 

So, pink jeans have kind of been a "thing" for me since college, I just love them. I had a UniQlo pair that I wore for ages, then I got another UniQlo pair when that one died... and then I put weight on, and my beloved pink jeans no longer fit. But now that I've lost weight (Yay!) and these AG's made it to third cut at Anthro, it seemed kind of right to get back into pink jeans again. (I mean, I had that acid plum pair before, which I had to give away because they got too big for me, but that pair kinda doesn't count in my head.) It's like, I'm back to my old self, and pink jeans are a good way of announcing that to the world! 

Also, I picked up some makeup in France! While we were there, I realised I was starting to react to my cheapo black Rimmel mascara, and then I realised France has Sephora... Which is like a big deal to me, because nowhere in the UK stocks Sephora's store brand. So now I've got the best brown mascara I've ever owned (black is too dramatic for a pale-face like me, anyway), and a seriously exciting eye-shadow. 

I mentioned before that Victor sometimes picks out my clothes, but did I ever mention that he also gives me makeup tips? Everyone should marry a boy with two sisters. My honey explained to me how I'm supposed to use those eye shadows that come in several shades, and I think the end result looks subtle, but pretty cool!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Sometimes, I Get Angry.

Top: Anthro, old, Skirt: UniQlo, old, Shoes: Clarks' Outlet, old, Bag: Accessorize
 So we're at the cinema, right? Victor, my friend Angela and me, watching Wolverine as Angela's birthday treat. And the three of us had been looking forward to this movie since forever. But there was this woman, sitting on the row in front of us - directly in front of Angela and me, in fact - who kept switching her phone on. And that bright glow from her phone screen was distracting, to say the least.  

 Now, I'm the kind of person who will speak up if I think someone is doing something wrong, you know? And I have what you might call a napalm-based temper. So I thought I was showing admirable restraint when I leaned forward, the fifth time she switched her phone on and made it glow like Christmas, and firmly told her, "You need to switch your phone off. It's very distracting." 

Only this woman, she turns around and snaps at me that she's not even calling anybody. Uh, excuse me, as if that makes a difference? So I just tell her, again very firmly, that she needs to switch her phone off. No cussing, you understand, just icy politeness. Only to have this woman tell me I have an attitude problem. Ahem. "No." I said, so angry I was starting to shake. "You're the one who's destroying this movie for everybody." (My English starts to go out the window when I'm this angry.) "You will switch your phone off, NOW!" And remarkably, the woman's boyfriend reached over and took the phone away from her. 

After the movie had finished, the woman starts glaring at me as we're getting out. Like, a proper death glare. And finally, I snap completely. As if I'm being prompted by someone via a hidden headset, I open my mouth and the following comes out: "Bitch, please. You're not even a teenager, and you still can't leave your phone alone?" And then, I turned on my heel and left. Amazing, what your brain can come up with when it's set to auto-quip!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

For Reals

Dress: Thrifted, Belt and necklaces: all gifts, Sandals: Timberland.

Sometimes I think about whether I'm presenting some sort of false image of myself here. I mean, I do wear every outfit that I blog, and sweat profusely into them too, these days. But, it's like I inevitably end up photographing the flashier ones - the ones with stuff from stores like Anthro and J.Crew, that is - and not bothering so much about the ones that came out of thrift stores and cost practically nothing. Not that I have that many thrifted things anymore, because I have become super picky about my thrifting. 

Because I've bought some pretty stupid stuff at thrift stores that I just ended up re-donating (yes, this is a verb now, I insist it is), I treat it as any other clothes shopping thing. Ask myself, will I really use this? Try to construct at LEAST three, if not five, outfits in my head with the thrift-store garment.Well, unless I fall madly in love with it and it happens to be dirt cheap, of course. That's how I ended up owning a pair of cowboy boots with the longest boot tips since the Leningrad Cowboys*. 

Like this dress, this dress was love at fist sight, and I've already blogged it a bunch of times. I love how versatile it is. I actually woke up wanting to wear it with my hot pink blazer, but it was way too hot, so I settled for a hot pink belt instead, plus some pink and green accessories. And it totally works, because this dress is magical. Not to mention it only cost me £11, which is like $17, for a dress I reach for all the time. So yeah, I do thrift, and I do try to shop responsibly. Just for the record, you know?  

*Incidentally, this is the Finnish band The Leningrad Cowboys. In case you were wondering:

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Flerpty Floopin

Dress: Fetch and Frolic Dress, Anthro, Belt: UniQlo, Sandals: Timberland

After seeing a certain image on the internets, Victor and I have become moderately obsessed with the Sweedish Chef from the Muppet Show. Remember him? I was terrified of him as a child - and so was Victor's little sister, apparently. It was something to do with the fact that his hands are real, and not puppet hands. Victor, of course, wasn't afraid of anything as a child. I mean, perish the thought!

So anyway, we started watching some Sweedish Chef on the old youtube. We entered a world where food is a sinister force to be reckoned with, one that might as soon attack you as simply sit there and allow itself to be cooked. This is a world where your standard kitchen utensils include guns and baseball bats.

Of course, weapons also make the whole cooking process so much more efficient. For example, there is an episode where the Chef throws small pancakes into the air one at a time, before pulling out an antique musket and firing ballbearings at them. As the pancakes fall, he calmly puts them on a plate; this is all par for the course in the Swedish kitchen. Finally, he turns towards the camera, holding up one pancake with a hole straight through the middle as he gravely explains, "Dough-nutt!"

And what of the image that led to our newfound obsession? Okay, here you go:  

Is it weird that I want this as a full-sized poster for our bedroom? Or that I think he reminds me just a little bit of Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Infantry Meets Air-Force.

Blouse: Holly & Whyte, Skirt: Cath Kidston, Belt: Vero Moda, Sandals: Timberland
 My tin soldier skirt has come out of hibernation, and boy, did I miss this little guy more than I realised! I was all eager to spruce up this skirt in some new and exciting way, and then I thought, "Polkadots?" For some reason, this combination feels very English and vintage-y to me, even though none of the items in it are more than two years old! I'm also wearing the cutest little golden anchor necklace from etsy, which sadly didn't show up in the photos. That adds to the vintage feel for sure!

 Wahey, what do you know, it's my one hundredth post! But then again, that counts for nothing, because the only reason I didn't reach one hundred ages ago is that I'm the sort of blogger who will go back and delete outfit posts they have second thoughts about. It feels a little bit like cheating, but I guess I'm okay with that.

And last but not least, it's time for some Truth or Dare. As in, I dare to risk looking like a douchebag, and you promise to tell me, truthfully, whether I do or not.

The aviators were from H&M, and they were cheap - for a good reason, maybe?
  The question is, can I wear aviators? Or do they do unspeakable things to my already chipmunkey face? The terrible thing is that I honestly can't tell if these look a) dreadful or b) awesome. Tin soldiers and aviators, it's like infantry meets air-force in the same outfit!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

I call this my "Behemoth Outfit"!

T-shirt: Out of Print, Skirt: Anthro via ebay, Shoes: Benetton 
 So I couldn't limit myself to just the one Out of Print T-shirt. Because The Master and Margarita is kind of an awesome book - it has a man-sized, gun-toting sarcastic black cat named Behemoth in it, for one thing. And let me tell you, the level of  mayhem Behemoth causes on the tram system in Moscow makes even the nasties morning commute on the London Underground seem downright peaceful and enjoyable. 
...I'm also eyeing their Great Gatsby and Slaughterhouse Five shirts. Argh! 

Check out my pale legs! Ugh! Anyway, these shoes are a memento from our recent trip to Cologne to see the band Perfume in concert - if you've never heard of Perfume, they're an insanely catchy electro-pop girl-band, and they can dance on a moving walkway in heels. Victor is the bigger fan, but I really enjoyed myself too. And the shoes were cheap, nine euros I think? I also got a sweet fifteen euro dress! ...I have a bad feeling most of the shops in Cologne were on the verge of bankruptcy, actually!  

I missed out on this skirt last year when it hit the sale - I actually tried it on and decided I didn't like it, how stupid was I, right? But I kept thinking about it, and it was probably when Sayaka found one for herself for the mad sum of 10 dollars (jealous!) that I decided enough was enough, and went digging on ebay. And I love it! It's so soft, like a skirt version of track pants.     

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Weston Wear, Westeros style!

Dress: Weston Wear, Sandals: Timberland
If you've been watching Game of Thrones (my current favourite show ever), wouldn't you agree that this is the sort of dress Danerys would wear? I do, to the point where I just call this my "Khaleesi dress" now!
Months and months ago, in this post, I wrapped up in a million layers so I could wear my (then) shiny new dress even though it was freezing. And now, when summer is finally here, I can wear the dress the way it was meant to be worn! I even went and took the photos in the exact same spot, too!


You may notice that I took a huge chunk of the polkadotted fabric off the hem. Well, it was kind of pissing me off! I'm sure this dress was intended to be worn with wedges, but I just can't walk in wedges (my beloved flatforms don't count). I just kept stepping on the hem everywhere I went. And I figured, it's my dress, I can do what I want with it to make it more wearable for me - so snip, snip! I like it better this way, I think it lets the "main" pattern really shine!

Monday, 8 July 2013


Salzburg OOTD! I brought lots of mix-and-matchy stuff. 

So for like, the first time in my life, people have said they want to see my holiday photos. Be warned, my friends, those words cannot be unsaid! So here's a few - okay, a lot - of the pictures we took in Salzburg a couple of weeks ago. 

This park was gorgeous, and I took this picture while we sat on a bench under a big tree. 
Salzburg was hot! Gorgeously hot, much warmer than London was at the time, and I loved it. People everywhere seemed so relieved that summer had finally come. 

Horse and cart? Still a totally acceptable form of transportation!

 This was taken just around the corner from the puppet theatre where we would watch the Magic Flute later that evening. It's kind of typical of Salzburg, where you always had the old mixed in with the new. 

The main square. Note the people in traditional Austrian dress right front and centre!

People also walked around in lederhosen and dirndl (the traditional Austrian womens' dresses), even though they must have been roasting. We saw a huge stag party, all wearing lederhosen and rolling kegs of beer down the street. And there were shops selling dirndl dresses all over the place - man, those things were expensive!

This strange art installation (it was huge btw) was literally facing the town fortress. Of course we had to go up there!

We went up to the fortress - the "Burg" of Salzburg - on the Sunday. It had a seriously cool military museum up there with all sorts of weapons and gear, and a strictly enforced no photos rule. Boo! It also had the best views of the city and its surroundings. 

View from the restaurant up at the fortress. Gorgeous, eh?

Taking in the view with this cutie! The trick to taking pictures of Victor is to catch him unaware! Photo ninja!

It was so warm that day, the mountains all looked hazy in the distance.  

Still up at the fortress. I kind of envy the people living in there!

Victor at the puppet museum! Trying his hand...

Very randomly, there was a  puppet museum up there on one of the lower floors of the fortress. The puppets were really amazing up close, their facial expressions were so vivid! They also had lots of these big displays of the dolls "in action", the one below was my favourite. 

Aren't these guys fantastic? I mean, look at their facial expressions!

We also went to an exhibition on the "real" von Trapp family - you know, from the movie Sound Of Music?  They were originally from Salzburg.Turns out that they emigrated to America, where they became really famous. I think we weren't allowed to take photos there, so I don't have any pictures. Apparently, Captain von Trapp wasn't nearly as strict as he's portrayed as in the movie - and Maria was never a novice in a convent, just a member of this Christian youth movement who were really into folk music. That was a really interesting exhibition, too!

View of the city from above. 

  Victor snagged a Chinese couple and convinced them to "do a deal" with us - i.e. they took our photo and we took theirs. We just assumed they were Chinese because they spoke Mandarin with each other and also, as Victor put it, the guy was whipped enough to be carrying the woman's handbag for her. 

So to conclude, it was an all-round awesome trip, and it made me realise how much I prefer Austria to Germany. It could be the people, the landscape, the general atmosphere, the gorgeous organic food... 
I almost didn't want to go back home, that's how much fun we had. 

Okay, so I got bored in the airport. Is that a crime?

 Finally, we have the only appearance of my white blazer in this photo, which I have called, "What do you mean, "backpack"? This is my wife!"

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

In Mozartville!

Top: Anthro, Skirt: UniQlo, Belt: Vero Moda, Sandals: Timberland,, Earrings: Accessorize 
 Here I am, in a graveyard in Salzburg. We went to Austria for our wedding anniversary, and had such a blast. I stupidly forgot to transfer any pictures of stuff in my haste to get these outfit pics out of the camera, so all I have to show is a tiny little corner of the city. It's such a gorgeous place though!

Salzburg is the home town of none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, so naturally they peddle Mozart stuff everywhere. We went to see the actual house he was born in, since I happen to be a bit of a fan... We also went to a puppet show performance of his opera The Magic Flute, which was just amazingly well done, and so much fun! 

Weird fact about me, my mother had my birth delayed (Caesarian, you see) so she could go to the opera and watch The Magic Flute. Yes, she's a lady who's got her priorities straight! But as a strange consequence, I've always loved that opera, and sort of know big chunks of the score by heart. Funny, huh?