Monday, 8 July 2013


Salzburg OOTD! I brought lots of mix-and-matchy stuff. 

So for like, the first time in my life, people have said they want to see my holiday photos. Be warned, my friends, those words cannot be unsaid! So here's a few - okay, a lot - of the pictures we took in Salzburg a couple of weeks ago. 

This park was gorgeous, and I took this picture while we sat on a bench under a big tree. 
Salzburg was hot! Gorgeously hot, much warmer than London was at the time, and I loved it. People everywhere seemed so relieved that summer had finally come. 

Horse and cart? Still a totally acceptable form of transportation!

 This was taken just around the corner from the puppet theatre where we would watch the Magic Flute later that evening. It's kind of typical of Salzburg, where you always had the old mixed in with the new. 

The main square. Note the people in traditional Austrian dress right front and centre!

People also walked around in lederhosen and dirndl (the traditional Austrian womens' dresses), even though they must have been roasting. We saw a huge stag party, all wearing lederhosen and rolling kegs of beer down the street. And there were shops selling dirndl dresses all over the place - man, those things were expensive!

This strange art installation (it was huge btw) was literally facing the town fortress. Of course we had to go up there!

We went up to the fortress - the "Burg" of Salzburg - on the Sunday. It had a seriously cool military museum up there with all sorts of weapons and gear, and a strictly enforced no photos rule. Boo! It also had the best views of the city and its surroundings. 

View from the restaurant up at the fortress. Gorgeous, eh?

Taking in the view with this cutie! The trick to taking pictures of Victor is to catch him unaware! Photo ninja!

It was so warm that day, the mountains all looked hazy in the distance.  

Still up at the fortress. I kind of envy the people living in there!

Victor at the puppet museum! Trying his hand...

Very randomly, there was a  puppet museum up there on one of the lower floors of the fortress. The puppets were really amazing up close, their facial expressions were so vivid! They also had lots of these big displays of the dolls "in action", the one below was my favourite. 

Aren't these guys fantastic? I mean, look at their facial expressions!

We also went to an exhibition on the "real" von Trapp family - you know, from the movie Sound Of Music?  They were originally from Salzburg.Turns out that they emigrated to America, where they became really famous. I think we weren't allowed to take photos there, so I don't have any pictures. Apparently, Captain von Trapp wasn't nearly as strict as he's portrayed as in the movie - and Maria was never a novice in a convent, just a member of this Christian youth movement who were really into folk music. That was a really interesting exhibition, too!

View of the city from above. 

  Victor snagged a Chinese couple and convinced them to "do a deal" with us - i.e. they took our photo and we took theirs. We just assumed they were Chinese because they spoke Mandarin with each other and also, as Victor put it, the guy was whipped enough to be carrying the woman's handbag for her. 

So to conclude, it was an all-round awesome trip, and it made me realise how much I prefer Austria to Germany. It could be the people, the landscape, the general atmosphere, the gorgeous organic food... 
I almost didn't want to go back home, that's how much fun we had. 

Okay, so I got bored in the airport. Is that a crime?

 Finally, we have the only appearance of my white blazer in this photo, which I have called, "What do you mean, "backpack"? This is my wife!"


  1. Of course we'd love to see you vacay photos! :D Love it!

    The fortress looks awesome, and you look gorgeous! Looks like a very nice trip, and thank you so much for the post card sweetie! :) ♥

    Great shots!

    1. Hey, you're very welcome! Glad it got there! :) Thanks, but you know, my favourite photo has got to be the bottom one. Victor was all, "What are you, five?!" Hehehe.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love the photos. It looks like a wonderful vacation. I am cracking up about that last photo:)

    1. Hehe, you're welcome! And that last photo, I'm glad *someone* liked it! Victor was not impressed, hehe.