Friday, 26 July 2013

Sometimes, I Get Angry.

Top: Anthro, old, Skirt: UniQlo, old, Shoes: Clarks' Outlet, old, Bag: Accessorize
 So we're at the cinema, right? Victor, my friend Angela and me, watching Wolverine as Angela's birthday treat. And the three of us had been looking forward to this movie since forever. But there was this woman, sitting on the row in front of us - directly in front of Angela and me, in fact - who kept switching her phone on. And that bright glow from her phone screen was distracting, to say the least.  

 Now, I'm the kind of person who will speak up if I think someone is doing something wrong, you know? And I have what you might call a napalm-based temper. So I thought I was showing admirable restraint when I leaned forward, the fifth time she switched her phone on and made it glow like Christmas, and firmly told her, "You need to switch your phone off. It's very distracting." 

Only this woman, she turns around and snaps at me that she's not even calling anybody. Uh, excuse me, as if that makes a difference? So I just tell her, again very firmly, that she needs to switch her phone off. No cussing, you understand, just icy politeness. Only to have this woman tell me I have an attitude problem. Ahem. "No." I said, so angry I was starting to shake. "You're the one who's destroying this movie for everybody." (My English starts to go out the window when I'm this angry.) "You will switch your phone off, NOW!" And remarkably, the woman's boyfriend reached over and took the phone away from her. 

After the movie had finished, the woman starts glaring at me as we're getting out. Like, a proper death glare. And finally, I snap completely. As if I'm being prompted by someone via a hidden headset, I open my mouth and the following comes out: "Bitch, please. You're not even a teenager, and you still can't leave your phone alone?" And then, I turned on my heel and left. Amazing, what your brain can come up with when it's set to auto-quip!


  1. Hello lovey. BTW, I answered your question over at my blog re: artist date! :) They're super fun!! And you go girl. Some people, hey... so rude! Oh my!!

    And your outfit is adorable. I love, love the denim jacket (i wear mine obsessively) and the pops of colour are so fab! Happy weekend!! xo

    1. Now I've read it, now I get it. :) I so agree, it's important to inject a little creativity in your everyday life. (Mine is a little too creative for my own good these days, perhaps, hah!)

      Hope you had a good weekend, I was in France(!) which is why I've been so slow in responding to anything. :) And yeah, some people, eh? She's lucky I didn't snatch her phone and throw it down the aisle, hehe...

  2. Bwahaha, I love your attitude. It was probably annoying the BF too if he was the one who ended up taking the phone away from her. I had to tell a bunch of teenage girls sitting next to me they needed to stop talking once ... though blame it on me for going to see a Twilight movie!

    1. *fistbump from across the ocean* Glad to hear it! :) I'm sure it was annoying the BF to no end, since he was the one who'd obviously dragged her there to watch Wolverine. He was probably a big old nerdy fan like Victor, Angela and me.

      And good for you! I don't understand why people would pay to go watch a movie, only to chat or text or whatever. It's so rude! I watched the first three Twilights in the Cinema too (with girlfriends, never with Victor, who hates those movies) but I guess we were lucky with our fellow audience members...:)