Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Summer Rain

Top: Anthro, old, Cardigan: J.Crew outlet, Jeans: AG Stevies, Anthro, Boots: Hunter

So we went to France! Just for a long weekend trip, with a close friend of ours. She's so close, in fact, that we call her our second wife, but I assure you that's in name only! We had an absolute blast, but rather than start going through the several hundred photos from our trip, I thought I'd blog what I'm wearing today. 

My raincoat is from a store in my home town of Bergen, Norway. 

Because it's raining! I'm nowhere near ready for summer to be over just yet, but even if it is, I've got to say we've had a pretty amazing one. So I don't know if we've just entered the Dog Days or if it's just Mother Earth going "ENOUGH!" at this crazy heatwave that's been going on across Europe, but today called for jeans, an umbrella and a mac!
(Mother Earth would talk entirely in capitals, by the way. Like Terry Pratchett's Death. I'm pretty sure of this.)

Now, I've come to realise that photographing yourself from below is not the smartest thing to do, if you're the owner of a fine curvelicious bod like mine. (See, no putting myself down, just because my ass is big. Um, wait a minute...) However, I had to do it today because of the crazy amounts of rain - I had to put the camera on the brick bench where the branches would protect it from getting wet. Because nobody wants a soggy digital SLR. Least of all my husband, who technically owns the thing. 

So, pink jeans have kind of been a "thing" for me since college, I just love them. I had a UniQlo pair that I wore for ages, then I got another UniQlo pair when that one died... and then I put weight on, and my beloved pink jeans no longer fit. But now that I've lost weight (Yay!) and these AG's made it to third cut at Anthro, it seemed kind of right to get back into pink jeans again. (I mean, I had that acid plum pair before, which I had to give away because they got too big for me, but that pair kinda doesn't count in my head.) It's like, I'm back to my old self, and pink jeans are a good way of announcing that to the world! 

Also, I picked up some makeup in France! While we were there, I realised I was starting to react to my cheapo black Rimmel mascara, and then I realised France has Sephora... Which is like a big deal to me, because nowhere in the UK stocks Sephora's store brand. So now I've got the best brown mascara I've ever owned (black is too dramatic for a pale-face like me, anyway), and a seriously exciting eye-shadow. 

I mentioned before that Victor sometimes picks out my clothes, but did I ever mention that he also gives me makeup tips? Everyone should marry a boy with two sisters. My honey explained to me how I'm supposed to use those eye shadows that come in several shades, and I think the end result looks subtle, but pretty cool!


  1. That is the perfect raincoat! I want one!

    1. Thanks, hon - it's a really well-constructed raincoat as well, but expensive! I waited months for it to go on sale, and they don't carry this version anymore. They do have lots of other cute raincoats though, and if you live anywhere with lots of rain these are a good investment piece.
      Here's their website, which can also be viewed in English: http://sosjensen.no/collection.html
      The link takes you to the cutest stuff I could find. Alas, no polkadots!

  2. So cute! I wanta bright pink pair of pants all of my own! I've only read one Terry Pratchett book before (we own almost all of them, because my husband loves them), but I just purchased a children's book of his from Amazon last week. I cannot wait to read it! I met George R. R. Martin last week (blog post today) and it was awesome! Sorry to ramble, happy to see another girl who "gets it."

    Love the outfit!


    1. 1. OMG you met George?! I am dying of jealousy right now!! Watched his video with the "Write and write faster" guys last night, hilarious stuff! He was signing in London this one time, but I got the dates wrong and showed up the week after the signing with all my Ice and Fire books. I wanted to cry! :(

      2. Which Terry Pratchett have you read? You MUST read the ones about Commander Vimes, they are my favourites, in my opinion the best ones he's written. Also, I have to recommend "Where Is My Cow?" :D

      3. You would look awesome in pink pants! If you can still find these on the sale racks, I say go for it!! :)

    2. Hi Gwen! Okay, first, yes, it was awesome! That sucks so badly about your signing. My husband bought a book directly from him five years ago and he repeatedly emailed my husband. It was so cool!

      The Tracy Pratchett book I have read is "Small Gods." The one I ordered is "The Wee Free Men." Can you believe it just now shipped today? I just started "The Assassins Apprentice" by Robin Hobb, because my husband keeps raving about the series.

      Okay! We need to live closer so we can exchange books and pink pants! ; )

    3. I've read Small Gods and We Free Men both - that second one is great! Small Gods was really well written and I did enjoy it, but my favourites are the books about Captain Vimes - from Guards! Guards!, Men At Arms, and all those books. I kind of have a weird literary crush on Vimes, hah!

      I read the Assassin's Apprentice a while ago, and it's cool, but really emotional, so be warned! ;) Damn, it would be awesome if we lived closer and could raid each others' bookshelves, but at least we can recommend stuff to each other! We seem to have kind of similar tastes! (I'm sure you could fit all of yourself into just one leg of my pink pants though! ;))

    4. I am reading the Terry Pratchett book after I finish Assassin's Apprentice. Then I am definitely trying your recommendation.

      Okay. I had read that about Assassin's Apprentice. The reviews said the end was not good. And I did not want to read it, but my husband insisted I would like it. Now I am scared. I really hate sad endings.

      Girl, please, you have an awesome figure. I, on the other hand, just had a candy bar. For dinner. And two glasses of wine.

      Because life is fun!