Thursday, 29 August 2013

Last-minute jitters

Dress: Zola Shift, Anthro, Necklace: c/o Sayaka :), Jacket: UniQlo, Boots: Anthro
Check it out, it's the Autumn Edition of the bear dress! I knew this dress would transition nicely into fall, but it's so nice to prove myself right, hehe. I wore this outfit to a voice lesson with my old teacher, now friend and mentor, the coolest little old lady in the world. She's over 70, yet she just discovered the first Matrix movie, and loved it. I wanna be like this woman when I finally grow up for reals! 

So yeah, this is what I wore to run around other peoples' living room and chant "Hiii, haaaah, hooommm!" One thing about being an actor, you learn to throw embarrassment out the window! But now my voice is all prepped for our first night, which is - ARGH! - tomorrow night. We're rehearsing all day at the performance space tomorrow, hopefully that will be enough to straighten out the last kinks in the show!

Now, according to my husband, some women have like a special way of flaunting their nice handbags? I keep trying to do this "flaunt" just for funsies, but he keeps telling me I get it wrong - probably something to do with how I don't "get" the whole "prestige bag" thing. If it's got polkadots or cute birds on it, that's all I need to like a bag, you know? But check it out, I think this photo shows me doing the flaunt kind of convincingly, for all that my bag is made of orangey plastic instead of lovely brown leather. 

So, um... I have no idea when I'll be able to post next. Maybe next week, after a weekend of three performances? But I honestly am not sure. Blogging is how I de-stress, after all. I really appreciate you girls cheering for me and wishing me good luck, it really is a huge help, because I'm so nervous, I don't know what to do with myself! Well, I do know what to do with myself, and that's go transport some of the props to the venue and hang some more posters up. But you know what I mean. So thank you!!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kinda Tribal

And by kinda, I mean, well... my jeans are covered in polkadots, after all! So that makes this outfit no more than kinda tribal. It was literally slapped together in minutes, before we had to run out and catch the tube to a friend's house. There was just no time to think about what to wear, I wanted a T-shirt and that was the only clean one I could spot (I know!), and a pair of trousers that were thin enough not to suffocate me in the muggy night air. 

The above criteria were my only criteria. But I think this looks kind of put-together, right? The boots and the necklace kind of compliment the, uh, tribal chic that seems to be happening here, while the polkadots stop it from going too far into cowboy territory. Which means, I think, that I'm starting to get close to having the sort of well-curated closet where most of your things match each other in some way. So you can just throw stuff together and expect it to match up and work for you!

This is the last of my old leftover outfits from London, and as you can see I am "artistically" walking away from the camera... And let's just pretend that was intentional, because there probably won't be too much blogging from my end for a little while. Although I have one more outfit post up my sleeve with my favourite bear dress (the one and only!) I will be up to my ears in play stuff, both postitve (we were in the paper the other day!) and not so positive (we open on the day after tomorrow, and I have no idea if this will even hold water). Wish me luck! Cause I need it...

Monday, 26 August 2013

Brick in the Wall

Cardigan: Vero Moda, Top: Springfield, Skirt: Cath Kidston, Sandals: Timberland

Hurray for finding old outfit photos on your laptop when you don't have time to take pictures!
Now check out this wall, you guys! It's awesome to pose against, and makes me want to sing Pink Floyd songs at the top of my voice. Sorry about my weird squinty face here, these were taken on a very, very bright morning, back when London seemed to be gently frying in its own sweat. So I wore this skirt again and again, it's just so airy and comfortable when you don't want your clothes to cling to your sweaty self.  

Sure my face looks like I ate something weird, but at least my legs look nice and slim, no?

I wound up wearing this outfit to our last meal at one of our favourite restaurants ever, the Toku. Which was being temporarily turned into a "Speedy Ramen Bar" for a couple of months, before the landlords shut them down for good in order to open a fashion store. Even though the Toku was raking in massive profits for them! Grrr. They had the best kara age in London, and now Victor and I will have to watch youtube videos to learn how to make kara age at home instead. Fingers crossed the Toku will find a new location and reopen soon!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beam me up, Scotty!

Cardigan: J.Crew,  Necklace: c/o Sayaka :) Top and boots: Anthro,,  Pants: Lindex

Strange things were going on in my mother's garden yesterday, when I ran out to snap these photos! I mean, look at that light! It's downright spooky, like something out of the X-files, right? Further down, you'll see a picture where the weird light literally turned my hair green, like some kind of garden sprite!

 Things are heating up with the play that I'm in, for better or for worse, so this was my poster-hanging outfit - complete with the necklace Sayaka sent me, worn to remind me that even though the other actors may bitch and moan and yell at me for stuff that isn't my fault, I still have friends who are cheering me on! 

My green hair matches my army pants, eh? Here I used to think I would never buy camo pants, but then that store I worked for this summer started selling them, and my friend who still works there got me the store discount... And now I suddenly love my army pants! I don't have that many clothes here, so they've become a bit of a staple, along with my Bearclaw necklace and the cardigan I brought along to match it!

And finally, check it out... I am being beamed up into the sky, you guys!!

Starship Enterprise, here I come! Everyone's always going on about Kirk and Spock being hot, but come on, McCoy is the really sexy one!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Birdies Forever!

Top and skirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: From Norway.

This is possibly my favourite outfit in the world. Well okay, this and the bear dress. It may seem weird that I fell in love with this outfit in the May Anthro catalogue last year and sale-stalked the skirt and the bag (not pictured, I forgot to bring it for my photoshoot, oh shoot!), but there you have it. I’m weird, but then that’s hardly news.

The only item I couldn’t get over here was the Take Flight Tank; it sold out from the website at full price and never even hit the stores. I figured I could Frankenstein me a similar top from an H&M bird shirt I found, but never got round to it. And then, like a dream come true, the lovely Christina decided to sell hers on the trade market, and we’re the same size and everything! Plus she sold it to me for what I would have paid for the shirt on sale over here.  Thank you Christina, you made me a very happy bunny!

I wore this getup on a date night with Victor, to have Chicken Katsudon at our favourite diner and watch The Conjuring. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve been more excited about the outfits than about the plot of something I was watching, but there was just so much 70’s gloriousness in that film that it was just to die for. I want everything Vera Farminga wore, with the exception of that weird pants suit with the matching vest.
 And I want Victor to wear a rad-tastic Fairisle man-cardigan with a zipper like the one whatshisname who played her husband wore, but some dreams will never come true...

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Stripes, Florals and Bananas.

Top: Anthro, Skirt: Cath Kidston, Sandals: Timberland.
 Things have been kind of bananas lately. And by kind of, I mean very. Very very. For instance, you may think from looking at these photos that I am still in England, basking in the sunshine, but you would be mistaken. Because I'm in Norway, working on a play that I am arranging, producing and acting in, which goes live in just a few weeks.
Am I nervous? Um, well, yes. But I have so many other things that demand my immediate attention that fretting over my own performance becomes kind of a luxury. My list of tasks includes sourcing a printer for our programme, making a sculpture mold out of liquid silicone and repainting He-Man figures to look like Major Matt Mason figures.
In other news, for all those bloggers pining for Fall? It's going down, right here in Norway, and I officially miss Summer so much I just want to cry. "Mom, I don't wanna wear tights!" On the other hand, that might be a good excuse to make Victor bring me that J.Crew sweater I've been dying to wear, but couldn't, because it was too hot. There is always a bright side, I suppose...

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Corpse Bride

Top: Anthro, old. Skirt: Vero Moda, old. Shoes: Benetton, on sale.

I was trying to do a number of things with this outfit; chief among them was keeping cool. I wore this on a real scorcher of a day after all. I also tried to match my lipstick to my shoes, and I must've worn that top in every conceivable way except possibly on my head. It started off in that knot, then it came undone, and I wound up tucking it into my waistband. While I was walking down the road, no less. I am nothing if not classy. 

Wearing this much white wouldn't normally be my thing, since I'm so pale that I might end up looking like the Corpse Bride. But I ended up really liking this little getup - maybe it's because the top and skirt are nearly the exact same shade of white. You'll notice I'm not wearing my shiny new Bearclaw necklace, by the way. That is because these photos were taken early last week sometime. I am nothing if not tardy.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sayaka To The Rescue!

Dress & shoes: Anthro, Necklace: c/o: Sayaka :) , Aviators: H&M

Where do I begin? Oh yes, Sayaka is awesome, that would be a good start... Because when I fell in love with this bear dress, so did the rest of the ladies of the UK, and it sold out in every size - even online! - except for a single US size 0, and who are we kidding, right? So I cheekily ask Sayaka if she could receive the dress for me, if I bought it from the US site (or the customs charges would have killed me). Not only did she say yes, she offered to buy me the dress from the store, how sweet is that?

Look, my precious! It has pocketses!

When the package with the dress arrived yesterday, I was so unbelievably ill - we'd attended a kiddie birthday party and it looked like I'd been given some sort of virus as a parting gift. I was literally on the sofa, alternately shivering and sweating, when the postman came. And then, I opened the parcel to find not only the dress, but this beautiful necklace Sayaka had put in there as a surprise! I was so happy that I nearly cried.

 Isn't it gorgeous? Doesn't that bit at the bottom look just like a bear's paw? I have no idea what its official name is, but I've renamed it the Bearclaw necklace, and that's what I will call it from now on. It goes so well with the dress, too, like it was made to match it. Thank you Sayaka, you are so kind, and I am convinced your gift helped cure my fever. Now I believe in the healing power of beautiful necklaces. 

By the way, I assure you, that's shading on my leg - not cellulite! ;)

Speaking of renaming things, I want to officially rename this the Mother Bear dress. It has that Native American vibe to it, you know? That's why I felt like I had to do my hair in two braids! It fits like a dream, is mysteriously flattering and super comfortable, it has pockets... and it's even cuter in person than it looked online! Whoever designed this dress, I want to hug the stuffing out of them.  

I know I'm supposed to be all mad about bunnies, and it's not like I stopped loving them, because there is nothing cuter in this world than bunnies, except possibly my husband. But I realised I own a shirt with ponies on it, a cat T-shirt, a doggie dress, and now this bear dress. What can I say. It seemed kind of weird to be exclusively obsessed with rabbits, so now I am branching out. 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pink Panther

Top: Anthro, old, Jeans: AG Stevies, Anthro, Shoes: Urban Outfitters 
 Yeah, we all know who I look like here, right? I don't think I've worn this much top-to-toe pink since kindergarten, when I loved pink. I remember making the wonderfully random decision back then to invite anyone wearing pink - and no-one else! - to my birthday party. And having that turn out to be the best birthday party ever!  

I decided to wear this getup only because I saw the top and jeans hanging next to each other on the drying rack after I'd washed them, and thought "Hey! I could just add my nude heels to that and it would all match!"  Speaking of nude heels, I love how these match my skin tone exactly and make it look like a pair of kitten heels just grew out of my feet. And here I thought I got a bit of a tan this summer! 

I have to say though, this getup only works because your eye decides to trick itself into thinking the two pinks match (the jeans are actually much, much brighter than the top) so that they won't have to start bleeding. Which would be rather bothersome.