Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beam me up, Scotty!

Cardigan: J.Crew,  Necklace: c/o Sayaka :) Top and boots: Anthro,,  Pants: Lindex

Strange things were going on in my mother's garden yesterday, when I ran out to snap these photos! I mean, look at that light! It's downright spooky, like something out of the X-files, right? Further down, you'll see a picture where the weird light literally turned my hair green, like some kind of garden sprite!

 Things are heating up with the play that I'm in, for better or for worse, so this was my poster-hanging outfit - complete with the necklace Sayaka sent me, worn to remind me that even though the other actors may bitch and moan and yell at me for stuff that isn't my fault, I still have friends who are cheering me on! 

My green hair matches my army pants, eh? Here I used to think I would never buy camo pants, but then that store I worked for this summer started selling them, and my friend who still works there got me the store discount... And now I suddenly love my army pants! I don't have that many clothes here, so they've become a bit of a staple, along with my Bearclaw necklace and the cardigan I brought along to match it!

And finally, check it out... I am being beamed up into the sky, you guys!!

Starship Enterprise, here I come! Everyone's always going on about Kirk and Spock being hot, but come on, McCoy is the really sexy one!


  1. You look awesome in the camo pants Gwen!! I love it and I'm so glad you tried it. We are camo twins today :)

    1. Camo twins high five!! :) You always make me smile!