Monday, 26 August 2013

Brick in the Wall

Cardigan: Vero Moda, Top: Springfield, Skirt: Cath Kidston, Sandals: Timberland

Hurray for finding old outfit photos on your laptop when you don't have time to take pictures!
Now check out this wall, you guys! It's awesome to pose against, and makes me want to sing Pink Floyd songs at the top of my voice. Sorry about my weird squinty face here, these were taken on a very, very bright morning, back when London seemed to be gently frying in its own sweat. So I wore this skirt again and again, it's just so airy and comfortable when you don't want your clothes to cling to your sweaty self.  

Sure my face looks like I ate something weird, but at least my legs look nice and slim, no?

I wound up wearing this outfit to our last meal at one of our favourite restaurants ever, the Toku. Which was being temporarily turned into a "Speedy Ramen Bar" for a couple of months, before the landlords shut them down for good in order to open a fashion store. Even though the Toku was raking in massive profits for them! Grrr. They had the best kara age in London, and now Victor and I will have to watch youtube videos to learn how to make kara age at home instead. Fingers crossed the Toku will find a new location and reopen soon!


  1. There can never be enough ramen bars, as far as I'm concerned. Aw, sorry yours has gone away - for now!

    1. You know, it's weird but I prefer instant ramen to restaurant ramen! But udon now, udon I will eat anywhere, at any time, especially if it has some ebi tempura on the side... I might just go ahead and name my firstborn child Udon, or at least my next dog! ;)

  2. I love the outfit! I have never even heard of a ramen bar or kara age before. Intriguing. It sounds like something from one of the books we read! I hope your restaurant finds a new home! But maybe that dish will end up being simplicity in itself to make. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

    Have a great play opening!


    1. Thanks Jenni! Ramen and kara age are both Japanese foods - ramen are thin noodles served in broth with lots of goodies like egg, veggies and meat or seafood, and kara age is basically Japanese fried chicken. Victor and I made it once, following this video made in a student dorm by a Japanse guy in a santa hat (it was his Christmas edition), and it did turn out kind of close to the original! If I find the clip again, I will send it across to you, his instructions were easy to follow.

      Thanks again for the good wishes for the play! :)