Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sayaka To The Rescue!

Dress & shoes: Anthro, Necklace: c/o: Sayaka :) , Aviators: H&M

Where do I begin? Oh yes, Sayaka is awesome, that would be a good start... Because when I fell in love with this bear dress, so did the rest of the ladies of the UK, and it sold out in every size - even online! - except for a single US size 0, and who are we kidding, right? So I cheekily ask Sayaka if she could receive the dress for me, if I bought it from the US site (or the customs charges would have killed me). Not only did she say yes, she offered to buy me the dress from the store, how sweet is that?

Look, my precious! It has pocketses!

When the package with the dress arrived yesterday, I was so unbelievably ill - we'd attended a kiddie birthday party and it looked like I'd been given some sort of virus as a parting gift. I was literally on the sofa, alternately shivering and sweating, when the postman came. And then, I opened the parcel to find not only the dress, but this beautiful necklace Sayaka had put in there as a surprise! I was so happy that I nearly cried.

 Isn't it gorgeous? Doesn't that bit at the bottom look just like a bear's paw? I have no idea what its official name is, but I've renamed it the Bearclaw necklace, and that's what I will call it from now on. It goes so well with the dress, too, like it was made to match it. Thank you Sayaka, you are so kind, and I am convinced your gift helped cure my fever. Now I believe in the healing power of beautiful necklaces. 

By the way, I assure you, that's shading on my leg - not cellulite! ;)

Speaking of renaming things, I want to officially rename this the Mother Bear dress. It has that Native American vibe to it, you know? That's why I felt like I had to do my hair in two braids! It fits like a dream, is mysteriously flattering and super comfortable, it has pockets... and it's even cuter in person than it looked online! Whoever designed this dress, I want to hug the stuffing out of them.  

I know I'm supposed to be all mad about bunnies, and it's not like I stopped loving them, because there is nothing cuter in this world than bunnies, except possibly my husband. But I realised I own a shirt with ponies on it, a cat T-shirt, a doggie dress, and now this bear dress. What can I say. It seemed kind of weird to be exclusively obsessed with rabbits, so now I am branching out. 


  1. oh yay!! I'm so happy that you got the dress because it looks SO darn cute on you!! I love love it. The hair and shoes are adorable too. Oh and I didn't realize that the necklace would be perfect with the dress too :)

    1. Thank you!! :) I'm so glad you like it on me. Did you get my long gushing thank-you email, by the way? You really are one super awesome lady. :) And how funny about the necklace, maybe it was your subconscious at work? ;) I love it so much!! I've worn it every day since I got it. Look forward to seeing that on you by the way! :)

    2. I love that dress! So cute on you! I own it, too. Isn't it just fun? And also, love the necklace. Sayaka is the sweetest. Perfect combo! : )

    3. OMG we are dress twins! You have to post an outfit with it - do it for Reader Outfits, then I'll submit this one, and then we'll look like creepy pod people! ;)
      And yeah Sayaka is the sweetest! :3

  2. Yes! Aw man! I have not taken outfit pics of it yet. It is wrinkled and therefore doomed.