Thursday, 26 September 2013

Keeping it short...

Sweater: Holly & Whyte, Shorts: Old Anthro, Necklace: A gift, Boots: Anthro
One of my more annoying character flaws is my love for bad puns. As you can see from the post title. Sorry, if I see a pun just hanging in the air and waiting to be made, I just cannot help myself. 
It's been forever and a day since I posted anything, so here's an outfit I wore while I was still in Norway. I found these old shorts in a drawer and decided it was time to try and make friends with them. What do you think? Can I wear these, or should I just not? 

Also, check it out - thanks to some weird photographic illusion, I suddenly have a white forelock. Just like Rogue in the X-Men movies! Now I just need to dress Victor up in a Gambit outfit and start calling him "sugah"! 
Regular brain-activity will resume very soon, but for now, this is the best I can do. As in, reveal that I know way too much about the X-Men franchise, and worry about whether my thighs look too thunderous in sparkly shorts.  


  1. I absolutely love those shorts and think they look fabulous on you!! I like how all the colors just blend together so well.
    And so funny about Victor and the Gambit outfit!!

    1. So glad you like the shorts! I'm getting used to them, and I've worn them a few times more now. :)
      Yeah I just want to dress my husband in outfits. Shinsengumi outfit (he'd be so cute!!), Gambit outfit, I even want to dress him up as a floppy-eared dog because my petname for him is Poochie... And it's so unfair, because for some reason he doesn't want to! ;)

  2. Super cute! I cannot resist a pun, either. It comes from reading too many Xanth novels. Have you read that series? I am a long time fan.

    I love your X-Men reference. Although my favorite movie of the franchise was Wolverine.

    Beautiful setting. I hope you are doing well!


    1. You know, I tried Xanth, but it was one of the later books and I think he's just run out of steam by then. Maybe I should try the early books - or maybe that would make me completely unbearable, in the punning department?

      Oh, and have you watched the new Wolverine yet? Everyone is slating it, but I loved it - aside from a few logical bloopers, like all those lovely villagers just living at a nuclear ground zero... um, no matter how much healthy Japanese cuisine they'd consume, they'd still be dead!

      And yes, I'm finally feeling back to normal, thank you! :)

  3. I am giving you a virtual high five for the Rogue/Gambit reference. My fave X couple ever - I don't know why they haven't intro'd them to each other in the movies yet! (though I like Anna Paquin and all, but she's still not Rogue to me!)

    1. Oh Lisa, I was OBSESSED with Gambit and Rogue as a teenager. It just about broke my heart when they revealed his past and the X-Men abandoned him in Antarctica! It bugs me too that they haven't met in the movies yet, and I see what you mean about Anna Paquin. She made her own version of Rogue, that's very new to her powers and much more vulnerable than the sassy Southern Belle from the comics. I kind of love both versions though!