Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Jacket: Vero Moda, Skirt: Anthro, Boots: Hunter, Bag: From Norway
 So pardon me for going all Matryoshka doll on you here, but I thought I might as well take pictures of all the layers I was wearing. Because layering season is upon us, over here in the UK. And yes, my post title is a song reference. I happen to really like the band Cake, and I only discovered them because Victor was playing Short Skirt, Long Jacket one time back when we were dating. Since then, I've listened to that band so much, and dragged him to one of their concerts, so now he hates them. Ah, marriage. 

So this outfit is what I wore on Saturday, when Victor and I went into town to look for a shoe-rack. Our old  fabric one was kind of hanging to one side, and one of the things we discovered that day at the deparment store was that it had never been intended to be used as a shoe-rack in the first place. No, it was a foldable towel shelf to use in the bathroom. Left behind for us by the previous tenant, who also left a crystal heart bauble tied to the toilet light cord and was astonished that we didn't want to keep her ancient, enormous microwave. Or her TV. We're like weird hippie people who cook our own food and read books. 

Victor also showed his undying love for me by buying me a new, super fancy electrical toothbrush. Which is actually a big deal to me, because I am seriously paranoid about cleaning my teeth. And while I was in Norway, I was making do with a freebie hotel toothbrush since my old electrical friend had just died... so after weeks of that, getting this new toothbrush, with settings, and three removable heads and a blinking red light, well it was just like getting Harry Potter's wand to brush my teeth with! Totally magical! 

Our Saturday afternoon was spent assembling the new shoe-rack on the living-room floor, it was like Kinder Eggs for adults. It was so easy that it made us instantly suspicious - the last thing we assembled were a dining set that were so complex and evil to build that I was forced to burn the instructions after we were done, on general principle. But no, the shoe-rack hasn't collapsed yet. It stands there, like a glowing beacon of civilization to two people who used to keep their shoes on a collapsible fabric towel rack. 

We're savages. Savages and hippies. 


  1. Okay, first, I love you. You can call me "third wife." Or just "second husband."

    Now that that is out of the way! ; ), your outfit is adorable! I love the layers and I am so insanely jealous that you get to layer, it is not funny.

    Your story is also awesome! And I love that you were using a towel rack for your shoes. We use our shoe rack for toiletry storage when we travel. So, I imagine all of those things must be interchangeable. Or you and I are just more creative than normal. Or confused. ; )

    I love your hat! Itmis fantastic and completes everything perfectly!

    I am almost done with "The Wee Free Men." I kept getting sidetracked, but I should finish tonight. As I am now committed. And I need to move on to our book club book for grown ups (what's that?) this month.

    Have fun with your layering! I am sweating over here and the air conditioner is eating my clothing budget away!


    1. Aww! now I want to hug AND tickle you! :)

      See, I think we just see things in a more practical way. A shelf is a shelf. Or maybe a more creative way, like a shelf doesn't just have to be ONE type of shelf, it can hold ANYTHING you want it to hold? ...this is what happens when I'm too tired to make sense! :)

      The hat is from Anthro. They're relaunching them in slightly different colourways this year, go have a look! Three different colours. I think the white one would really suit you. :)

      Crivens! I'm glad you like that book, but the ones you really should be Reading are the Night Watch ones, then we'll see if you ALSO develop a weird literary crush on Captain Vimes... ;) Did you know, by the way, that Pratchett apparently based all the Nac Mac Feegles on this one Scottish Commedian called Billy Connolly? I'm sure you can find him on youtube...

      Oh, and I am layering like a boss now. This... Is... Norway!

  2. Oh I wanted that Anthro skirt forever! What a fun print and color!

    And I also had been looking for a jacket sim to the one you're wearing - great style, girl!

    1. Ebay! That's where I got my skirt, there are loads of them floating around. And thank you, that made me happy. :) Good luck finding your perfect leather sleeve trench jacket! (I think that's what this is...?)

  3. I adore this outfit Gwen!! Love the pop of red of you hat too!! And congrats on your new toothbrush!! Electrical toothbrushes are awesome I agree :)

    1. Glad you like it! Any styling suggestions you have for this skirt (since I know you also have it) are very welcome! and yes, electrical toothbrushes rule. I love how they also massage your gums, which prevents gingivitis!