Sunday, 29 September 2013

Stripey Strongwoman

Jacket: Anthro, Blouse: Holly & Whyte, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Clark's, Sunnies: Anthro
Now that I'm back in London, and enjoying a bit of throwback summer sun, all that time spent in Norway seems like a faraway nightmare. For instance, our set had an old 80's TV, a (smallish) refrigerator and a toaster that we used as part of the show. And the toaster aside, these things were heavy, I mean the TV-remote alone... you could take down a burglar with that remote! And what with the two boys having to leave town on the Sunday night, and none of my friends being able to help me... guess who carted off the whole set on her lonesome? Yup. 

 Now, I may not look it, but I am kind of butch for a girl. I mean, I can fell trees, man! I am also a tad broke, so ordering a removals service was out... which is how I ended up borrowing a hand-trolley from a local electrics store, who kindly agreed to take my electrical items for me. They also gave me some rope. So there I was, tying the hollowed-out TV to the trolley and shoving the toaster inside it - I'd opened it up earlier to lift out all the heavy TV innards, since we were storing the thing in the attic of the performance venue in between shows. You should have seen me, pushing this thing down the cobblestoned streets like some oversized techo-baby! 

The last show I did, I wound up making costumes for ten people - and recruiting my poor mother to help me. We worked so hard that my sewing machine broke in six different places, and the repairman solemnly declared, "You killed it." And then I vowed not to do a costume-heavy show next time. This time, I was all, "Yay, it's contemporary, we can just wear our own clothes!" ...Only for the props and set to turn out to be the killer. I mean, it's like I can't win! So for my next show... maybe we could do it without a set, any props OR any costumes, and just pretend we're being terribly modern? 

I am joking. Mostly. 


  1. You poor thing! You deserve a nice long massage:)

    Love the stripes and polka dots.

    1. My sweet friend gave me one last night! But I do want to invest in a professional lava shell massage!

      And thank you! I can see that blouse and jacket combo becoming a bit of a staple. :)

  2. Aw, Gwen! I can totally picture it. That sounds nightmarish. You poor thing. I can't believe no one offered to help you when they saw you lugging your device. You look very feminine and quite lovely. I adore the blazer. I hope things look up soon. You deserve it! I am glad you got your massage! : )


    1. You know, it all just showed me that when the chips are down, so to speak, you can only ever rely on yourself - and that I could do it all myself. It all worked out in the end, so I'm kind of proud of that. :)

      And thanks for calling me a businesswoman chameleon on EA! I only saw that post like a day after it went up, but it totally made my day. :)

  3. Oh boy - I've been there. LOL I remember trying to get rid of a giant desk we spray painted blue after a show. Funny how everyone disappears when it is time to deal with the set pieces once the play is over. I'm with Jenni - I can't believe that no one offered to help.
    Love how you paired stripes with polka dots. Eclectic AND classy!
    Can't wait to hear about your next adventure in theatre!

    1. Well to be fair, the two other actors both lived in different towns, and had already gone back home. It all worked out in the end anyway, and now I get to boast that I dragged a fridge across town all by myself. Bragging rights! ;)

      And thanks! I'll definitely do more stripe and polkadot outfits, since I have a lot of both now! It's like my new favourite combo!