Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bonkers for Honkers

Oh Hong Kong, I miss you already! So please bear with me while I coo over some holiday pictures here. I mean, that skyline alone is just awesome. Especially when you see it from here, the harbour next to the Avenue of the Stars, where all the famous people from Hong Kong cinema history have left their handprints in the cement. 

This post is basically an excuse to post baby-photos. Be proud of me that I've limited myself to two! But also, I just wanted to post a couple of pictures from one of my favourite cities in the world... not in the least because it has some of my favourite people living in it. When I first started dating Victor, these were the guys who welcomed me with open arms into the family, and we instantly got on like a house on fire.  

That's me with Jacob, the nephew I got to name and badly want to kidnap. He is the most adorable baby ever! Normally, when people hand me their baby, it starts to squirm and whine, but Jacob accepted both me and Victor instantly - like he just knew that we were family. And hugging me is Victor's aunt Eliza, my favourite out of all the aunts, and Jacob's adoring grandma. (And Jacob's parents are sitting behind us, unaware that they are having their picture taken, poor things.) 

When Jacob likes you, he leans his head forward to bump heads with you. Nine times out of then, that works out fine - the tenth time, you see stars! I brought him a little dog puppet, and I managed to manipulate it convincingly enough that he started bumping heads with it, too! That just about melted my heart. But when Victor put the puppet on his hand and started playing around with it, Jacob regarded it with the deepest suspicion - he could tell it wasn't the same! So he's a smart little guy!

These two handsome gentlemen! Just look at them! Jacob has inherited the family head, so to speak - his head is so heavy that he struggles to keep his balance when he stands and walks! But, he is growing like a little weed so hopefully it will all balance out. He looks a little bit like his uncle, doesn't he? (Yes, his mummy is Victor's first cousin. But we still consider him our nephew.)

His mum told us that when she was in China and told these people she knows that her son's name was Jacob, they went, "Oh, like the Majicup!" It took her a while to work out that what they meant was "Marc Jacobs!" So now of course Victor and I call him Majicup whenever we talk about him, hehe. 

This last picture was taken on the Lovers Beach on the island next to Hong Kong. I forget the name. On the other side of the island, there is the Suicides' Beach. Apparently, tourists can't understand why all the hotels are so cheap over there! It's been years since I got to bury my toes in warm sand, and I spent some time playing chicken with the massive waves that were coming in. In the end, I was too scared to get my feet wet. I was wearing my favourite bear dress, Victor was wearing his favourite Frank Zappa T-shirt. 
When Victor saw this picture, the first thing he said was, "Hon, doesn't it look just like Frank Zappa is biting your boob there?"
"Uh, yes. Yes it does."

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Jacket: UniQlo, Top: J.Crew, Necklace: Kie&Kate, Skirt & bag: from Norway, Shoes: Anthro

So you know when you're on holiday and you've had the chance to do laundry maybe once or twice, but that was a couple of destinations ago and now you're running out of clean things to wear...? Yeah. But I actually ended up liking this slightly mish-mashed outfit! Eclectic, that's what I'm going to call it! 

We took these pictures in Tokyo's Harajuku district, which as you may know is the place to go people-spotting, especially on a Sunday. People walk around in clothes they made themselves, or thrifted, or bought in any number of the stores there. You get lots of Gothic Lolita people, sure, but there are so many more creative and inspiring looks to sneak a peek at while you're there! Though sadly, we went on a Monday, so we didn't get the full parade, as it were. Though we still ran into a guy in Starbucks who looked like a preppy Elf as he met up with a female friend. "Friends don't let friends go outside looking like they work for Santa," Victor whispered in my ear.  

And speaking of making new friends... check out this lovely lady, haha. Somebody made her just for fun, I think - and put her between two shops so you had no idea who she even belonged to. Actually, looking at that blue cable snaking out from under her skirt, I think she belonged to the store on her left. And that makes me wonder if she actually lights up after dark?! Harajuku is cool because it's just overflowing with creativity, so I wouldn't put it past the people there to construct a huge Day of the Dead skeleton lady that glows in the dark just because they can. .  

And finally, here's one I took for my favourite alpaca lover! Best doorstop ever, eh Jenni? 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Tribal jeans and Hiroshima

Blazer & Tee: UniQlo, Jeans: Bossini, Necklace: c.o Sayaka, Shoes, Anthro
When we took these pictures by the river in Hiroshima, the Atomic Bomb Dome was directly to my right. It didn't really feel appropriate to shoot outfit photos in front of that building, which essentially looked like a giant hand had reached out of the sky and crushed it. I will never forget the iron staircase hanging from one wall that had been twisted by the intense heat of the blast; it looked a bit like a crumpled tissue. 

Modern day Hiroshima is such a lovely city, with a really positive atmosphere. Maybe it was just relief that the intense heat of the Japanese summer was over, or maybe people were just really looking forward to Halloween, but everybody just seemed so happy. One old man even struck up a conversation with us - he'd been to the UK once, he said, but the only city he'd visited was Birmingham. Victor was telling him, "I'm so sorry! Sumimasen! Birmingham sucks - you should come to London instead!" and the two of them had a laugh. 

Of course, we went to the Peace Memorial Museum, the one where they teach you all about the bombing and all the devastation it caused. It's the little things that stay with you; like how the heat was so intense, it burned out the black letters of posters miles away from the epicentre. We staggered out of that building after two hours, and it was crazy to look around and know that everything you saw used to be a burned-out field of rubble. 

Finally, on a more cheerful note, these are my new pants that I got in Hong Kong. Tribal jeans to go with my tribal pendant. I kept everything else as basic as I could, with my plain white tee and black blazer, so as not to distract too much from the crazy-ass jeans. They're from the same store as my stripey sweater, though Victor didn't pick these out - I did. Which ones do you think is nicer, the sweater or the jeans? 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lovely Koople

So all this time, I thought I was married to a Chinese man... only for Victor to go and turn into a Chinese girl. And by that I mean that, for his sister's wedding, he announced that he wanted us to wear matching outfits. Now, he is the first person to point out Chinese girls forcing their boyfriends to wear matching outfits and take photos with them, okay? And then making fun of the guys for being so spineless - just to me, you understand, he wouldn't actually go up to a strange couple and point fingers and laugh. He's got some manners. 

Now, as you may guess, I wasn't too impressed with the idea. Especially when his arguments went something like this: "I know you like to wear your crazy colours and stuff, honey - but you don't always need to be the brightest frog in the lily-pond, you know?" This is a man who used to make fun of the Kooples store a few months ago - and who was suddenly holding it up as some kind of golden example. He just wanted us to match, he explained as he was buying me this wool dress to wear in Australia. Was that really such a bad thing? My only act of rebellion was adding these shoes to put my own quirky spin on the outfit, and since they matched, Victor gave them thumbs up.

In the end, he did kind of sell me on the concept. I mean, we do look kind of spiffy together, right? Like we're doing some kind of 1930's gangster-related dress-up, perhaps, but still... We're co-ordinated, right down to my lipstick. Also, that hat, which Victor tried on in Hong Kong airport and which I subsequently insisted he had to buy... how cute is my boy in that hat?! I mean, just look...

 Victor is so hawt with a hat! 

We also wound up getting some headshots done by Victor's other sister, while the bride and groom were having their glamour photos done and we were waiting around. In my defence, she did tell us to "do something crazy" for the last picture. 

No, I didn't literally lick his face. Just so you know. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Wild Thing

Dress & shoes: Anthro, Belt: UniQlo, Bag: From Norway
Hong Kong is one of those cities that, when you've been there a few times and think you've seen everything, will throw you a curveball straight out of crazytown. For instance, we saw a woman strolling down Nathan Road (probably the busiest shopping street in the city) with a damn ocelot on a dog's leash. Yeah, that's right - a wild animal roughly the size of a cocker spaniel, on one of those flimsy winding dog leads that are about as sturdy as twine.  

Victor and I just stood there with our mouths open. Other pedestrians were stopping and staring too - and crowding in to get a good look, which was probably not that great an idea. Who keeps an ocelot as a pet, anyway? Who does that?! You should have seen the muscles rippling under that striped and spotted fur as it stalked - not walked - down the sidewalk, the way those tufted ears were held high and alert. Crazy, I tell you. Crazy!

*these pictures were taken near Hong Kong harbour, by the way, I could have started my post with that, but I just dying to write about the ocelot. I mean, wouldn't you be?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Airport Chic

Sweater: Bossini, Jeans: AG Stevies, Flipflops: Quicksilver, Scarf: from Taiwan

 So! This is what I wore to the airport. Exciting, right? It kind of kills me that I really outdid myself on the whole cute outfits with limited suitcase space thing while we were in Hong Kong, and we only ended up taking pictures of ONE outfit. With Victor's phone, no less. So I decided to take a picture of what I wore for our Hong Kong to Sydney flight, because I kind of liked it. I never tried using light brown with neon pink before, but why not? And this outfit has leopard print and stripes in it, which makes it stylish just by default. I hope!

And in case you're wondering, yes - we're doing a bit of a crazy international jaunt, because Victor is Australian. And his immediate family all live in Australia. And his younger sister is getting married here in Sydney in two days, so we couldn't not show up. Our first stopover was in Honkers, where some of his other relatives live - his cousin had a baby last year, a baby that I got to name, no less! So again, we couldn't not go see them. More on the baby later. Suffice it to say that I kind of wanted to snatch him, but I showed admirable restraint. 

Also, have an outtake! I took this to try and show off the pretty lace detail at the back of this sweater. We went to Bossini (they're a bit like a cross between UniQlo, and The Gap, I guess?) where Victor promptly picked out this sweater for me and insisted I try it on. He also got me the most awesome pair of tribal pattern jeans that I can't wait to show off here - you know, when we have time to take pictures, or when I manage to excavate the camera remote from the fathomless depths of his suitcase.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Eggplants and Satsumas!

So this is what I wore to the theatre on Sunday, after Victor had surprised me with tickets to Siro-A. This outfit makes me think of eggplants and satsumas, and just wearing these colours together made me happy.  
But as for Siro-A. How to explain them and what they do? It's impossible to do in one sentence, since they've basically created their own genre. You can see a little montage of some of their acts here, and let me just say, it had been ages since I had so much fun! Because these guys are seriously nuts. But in a wonderful way!

There are four performers who work on stage, and two more members of the group who do sound track and video projection that the performers interact with. Sometimes it's impossible to tell what's a real person on stage, and what's a projection. These guys, like, bend reality, man! The stuff they do makes you think of 90's clubbing, of retro arcade games and Daft Punk.  

One act involves one performer dancing with maybe ten multicoloured versions of his own shadow. Another has three of them playing around with one member's name - Abe Toshinori. There is a whole song dedicated to him, that even tells you his pin number, his phone number, and zooms in on his house from outer space. It ends with the whole Abe family, grandparents, pet dog and all, waving at the audience.  

 It just makes me happy that I live in a city where you can watch shows from all over the world, and all you have to do is hop on a bus. And smuggled popcorn from a neighbouring cinema into the theatre concealed in your wife's handbag, if your name happens to be Victor...