Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bonkers for Honkers

Oh Hong Kong, I miss you already! So please bear with me while I coo over some holiday pictures here. I mean, that skyline alone is just awesome. Especially when you see it from here, the harbour next to the Avenue of the Stars, where all the famous people from Hong Kong cinema history have left their handprints in the cement. 

This post is basically an excuse to post baby-photos. Be proud of me that I've limited myself to two! But also, I just wanted to post a couple of pictures from one of my favourite cities in the world... not in the least because it has some of my favourite people living in it. When I first started dating Victor, these were the guys who welcomed me with open arms into the family, and we instantly got on like a house on fire.  

That's me with Jacob, the nephew I got to name and badly want to kidnap. He is the most adorable baby ever! Normally, when people hand me their baby, it starts to squirm and whine, but Jacob accepted both me and Victor instantly - like he just knew that we were family. And hugging me is Victor's aunt Eliza, my favourite out of all the aunts, and Jacob's adoring grandma. (And Jacob's parents are sitting behind us, unaware that they are having their picture taken, poor things.) 

When Jacob likes you, he leans his head forward to bump heads with you. Nine times out of then, that works out fine - the tenth time, you see stars! I brought him a little dog puppet, and I managed to manipulate it convincingly enough that he started bumping heads with it, too! That just about melted my heart. But when Victor put the puppet on his hand and started playing around with it, Jacob regarded it with the deepest suspicion - he could tell it wasn't the same! So he's a smart little guy!

These two handsome gentlemen! Just look at them! Jacob has inherited the family head, so to speak - his head is so heavy that he struggles to keep his balance when he stands and walks! But, he is growing like a little weed so hopefully it will all balance out. He looks a little bit like his uncle, doesn't he? (Yes, his mummy is Victor's first cousin. But we still consider him our nephew.)

His mum told us that when she was in China and told these people she knows that her son's name was Jacob, they went, "Oh, like the Majicup!" It took her a while to work out that what they meant was "Marc Jacobs!" So now of course Victor and I call him Majicup whenever we talk about him, hehe. 

This last picture was taken on the Lovers Beach on the island next to Hong Kong. I forget the name. On the other side of the island, there is the Suicides' Beach. Apparently, tourists can't understand why all the hotels are so cheap over there! It's been years since I got to bury my toes in warm sand, and I spent some time playing chicken with the massive waves that were coming in. In the end, I was too scared to get my feet wet. I was wearing my favourite bear dress, Victor was wearing his favourite Frank Zappa T-shirt. 
When Victor saw this picture, the first thing he said was, "Hon, doesn't it look just like Frank Zappa is biting your boob there?"
"Uh, yes. Yes it does."


  1. I read your title and thought, "did she really just go there?" Then I saw the picture of Victor's t-shirt biting your boob, and I was sure. lol

    Your trip sounds so fun, and that skyline picture is amazing! What a cityscape!

    I also love the juxtaposition of Lovers Beach and Suicide Beach on either side of the island. So dramatic, isn't it? I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't jumped on that. It just begs tragic romance, doesn't it?

    Is Suicide Beach where that bridge is? I read an article several years back about a bridge in China where a ridiculous amount of people jump to their deaths in the water. The article was about a man who patrols the bridge, looking for jumpers, and tries to save them for themselves. If the two places aren't related, isn't it just nuts that there's both a suicide beach AND a bridge?


  2. Oh my god, did I just pull off a dirty pun without realising it? Bwahaha! Dear oh dear... Honkers is just Victor's pet name for the city, but uh... I can see the "honk honk" side of it too now! Sorry, ha ha ha!! Let me just play the "English is my second language card" now, eh?

    We did joke that maybe there was a sort of natural progression from the one beach to the other! ;) And no, there is no bridge attached to that island, you can only get there by ferry, so that bridge has to be in Mainland China somewhere. China's pretty big after all, so to me it makes a terrible kind of sense that there would be several suicide spots. Incidentally, people in Hong Kong consider themselves separate from the rest of China, they even have their own language. That movie sounds good btw, remember what it was called?

  3. Oh god. What would Freud say about me assuming you're referring to boobs and not the city of Hong Kong? lol

    Anyways - here's the article. It's from GQ from several years ago:

    And apparently the bridge is in Nanjing. It's just startling that these landmarks are known as "suicide bridges" and "suicide beaches" instead of their proper names because they're so known for the deaths that occur there. Crazy stuff. Hope you find the article interesting!

    1. Freud would probably say that was a very healthy thing for you to think! ;) Thanks for the article!

  4. Haha, the t-shirt comment had me snort out loud with laughter.

    Lucky girl to have been able to go to HK (and to have fam there - excuse to go back)! Did you love the food there? I've only been able to visit once, but I love that HK is one of those cities where you don't have to do anything and still feel like you're doing something!

    1. Oh man, the seafood is so fresh there! It's just ubelievably good! And I had garlic fried bok choi, which I basically need to learn to make, because wow! And yeah, even when you're just sitting around in a Starbucks or walking around in a mall, there's always something going on.:)

  5. Hahaha me too!! I laughed out loud when I read the T-shirt comment!! And you look so cute in the bear dress! It was meant for you!!

    I love the picture of you and Jacob adorable!!
    I'm so happy to hear that you had a marvelous time!!
    You must post more pictures of your trip to Hong Kong and Japan!!

    1. Aw thank you! I adore that dress! Got to figure out ways to keep wearing it now that it's getting cold!
      That picture is getting printed out and framed. I miss Jacob so much! And I will post more pics from Japan, but we didn't take that many in Hong Kong. Not even that many baby photos!

  6. Oh my gosh! It totally does look like that! Hilarious! I love it!

    Your nephew is adorable. I would be suspicious of Victor's hand puppet, too. I mean, just look at what he can make his shirt do.

    I cannot find my bear dress! I looked for thirty minutes yesterday. Seeing it on you is a stab to the heart. I must be your twinsie! Minus Victor's new addition to it.

    I loved your pictures and the sharing of the family. Victor's family are so young looking! I want what they're drinking!


    1. Bwahaha! Yes of course! Jacob is a smart kid indeed!
      And oh no! Search harder, Jenni, this twinsie thing needs to happen! We could both post it on the same day, it would be so much fun. I'm sure it's not lost for good!!
      Uh, and I think they mostly drink beer? XD Beer and jasmine tea!