Monday, 21 October 2013

Tribal jeans and Hiroshima

Blazer & Tee: UniQlo, Jeans: Bossini, Necklace: c.o Sayaka, Shoes, Anthro
When we took these pictures by the river in Hiroshima, the Atomic Bomb Dome was directly to my right. It didn't really feel appropriate to shoot outfit photos in front of that building, which essentially looked like a giant hand had reached out of the sky and crushed it. I will never forget the iron staircase hanging from one wall that had been twisted by the intense heat of the blast; it looked a bit like a crumpled tissue. 

Modern day Hiroshima is such a lovely city, with a really positive atmosphere. Maybe it was just relief that the intense heat of the Japanese summer was over, or maybe people were just really looking forward to Halloween, but everybody just seemed so happy. One old man even struck up a conversation with us - he'd been to the UK once, he said, but the only city he'd visited was Birmingham. Victor was telling him, "I'm so sorry! Sumimasen! Birmingham sucks - you should come to London instead!" and the two of them had a laugh. 

Of course, we went to the Peace Memorial Museum, the one where they teach you all about the bombing and all the devastation it caused. It's the little things that stay with you; like how the heat was so intense, it burned out the black letters of posters miles away from the epicentre. We staggered out of that building after two hours, and it was crazy to look around and know that everything you saw used to be a burned-out field of rubble. 

Finally, on a more cheerful note, these are my new pants that I got in Hong Kong. Tribal jeans to go with my tribal pendant. I kept everything else as basic as I could, with my plain white tee and black blazer, so as not to distract too much from the crazy-ass jeans. They're from the same store as my stripey sweater, though Victor didn't pick these out - I did. Which ones do you think is nicer, the sweater or the jeans? 


  1. I have my own opinions about the use bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which probably differ from those of most other Americans - I'm glad you got to go visit.

    1. I sense that our opinions might be the same. :) I'm also very glad I got to visit Hiroshima.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I do not know that I could have held it together. Hiroshima is one of those lessons in history that stick with you. I cannot imagine the feeling associated with that place. I think places hold onto feelings. That is lovely that it is such a wonderful city today. I am so glad you got to visit.

    On a completely different note, I love those jeans. And with those shoes and scarf! Super cute! Hmmm. Which is better! Nope! I am not answering that one sistah! They are both great!


    1. I think so too, that places can hold onto feelings. It's just a testament to how strong and unstoppable the people of Hiroshima were, that they could rebuild the city and their lives. The consequences are still felt in so many ways, though.

      One of the toughest things to process were the drawings sent in by victims. These people's memories and experiences, the sometimes childlike drawings with descriptions like "So many bandaged people" really hammered the stark reality of it all home. I wish I could teleport every school child in the world (over the age of 10, perhaps) to that museum.

      Anyway, glad you like the jeans! I didn't bring much in terms of shoes or scarves, so that combo was a happy coincidence. :) You're right, the jeans and sweater are both good in their own ways. :)

  3. What a great mix of history, travelogue, and fashion. I love historic cities. It's amazing how much you can see and learn on a budget if the place has some history. I love monuments and learning centers that really take you back to the place. Knowing the facts is such a small piece of understanding history. Empathizing with those who experienced it - from all sides - gives you perspectives and helps you to understand history in a more comprehensive, objective way.

    On the fashion front, you've been wearing some mighty sophisticated and preppy outfits lately. Lovely! It's nice to see how versatile you and your wardrobe are: quirky, bohemian, eclectic, whimsical, fun, preppy, sophisticated, cute... You've got it going on!


  4. Why thank you, Miz Liz! :) I'm so happy you think I can do all the "genres", as it were. It always depends on how I'm feeling on that day, I guess. I can't wait to cook up more ways to style these mad jeans!

    And yes, I'm with you, I love to go sight-seeing whenever I'm in a new place. Admittedly, the sightseeing was kind of tinged with sadness in Hiroshima, but there were other things to see too, of course! On thing we did that ended up being a lot of fun was that we accidentally got on the wrong tram, and didn't realise for ages - but then we got to see a whole other part of the city, which we wouldn't have gone to otherwise. :)

  5. I absolutely love those tribal jeans on you!!
    And I'm so happy you got to visit Hiroshima. I agree that you can't tell from just visiting that it has such a sad history. But the people there are open minded & love visitors!!
    PS: Funny about the conversation Victor had too!!
    Thank you on behalf of the people of Japan for visiting!!
    I hope you were able to try yummy food there?
    I went once for a graduation school trip in high school too.

    1. Why thank you, sweetie! I think the jeans are so perfect with the pendant you gave me, I keep wearing them together! :)
      It's very sweet of you to say that, and I am so, so happy I got to go there, even though I kind of felt like my soul was hurting after we'd seen all the drawings by the survivors. I wish every school-child in the WORLD could go to that museum. There were a lot of school children underfoot while we were there actually. :) There were these tall, 6 foot + Dutch guys there, and some of the little boys walked right up and asked to have their picture taken with them, heh!
      Oh but we DID have some amazing food there, right by the river there is an Italian style cafe, and I had risotto with freshly caught oysters. It was so yummy I nearly fainted, haha!

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