Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dots on Dots

Dress and booties: Anthro, old, Blouse: From Norway, Tights: From Japan
Here are a few items you may have seen before, eh? I wore this to go out drinking with Victor and my mum. Oh, the excuse was that we were going out for a meal at this Cuban place my mum likes, where they have some thirty-odd different kids of tappas on offer. However, they also have two-for-one on drinks all day, and happen to make the best mojitos in the world... so I was in trouble! 

To be fair I only drank about one and one third - the three of us had to split the fourth freebie mojito, of course. It's just that they're rather... generous with the rum over at Cuba Libre, and I'm like the cheapest drunk ever. The wind may have been freezing as we were going home, but I couldn't feel it at all, hehe. I don't go drinking very often, and I've never been drunk in front of my mother before, but she told me the next day I was a very agreeable, happy drunk - so that's okay then! 

Because there was going to be tappas, I made the strange decision not to belt this dress. I'm not sure if that was a good one, in hindsight - I think this dress looks a bit weird without a belt. And that it maybe emphasizes how very suitable for childbearing my hips are. Or is that just me being paranoid? Oh well, I felt great in this outfit at the time, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. 


  1. You. Me. Cuban restaurant now! So much fun! And I would happily drink the freebies! Sometimes I feel like Marion on Indian Jones. Come on Gwen, Viking blood! You can do it!

    Your dress looks really cute. I like it with that top and I agree with dressing for the tappas. Smart move!


    1. Aaargh! See, this is why I wish you guys all lived around the corner from me instead of across the world!! We gotta make that drinking trip a reality someday. Um, I mean, culinary expedition. Of course. Sigh, I have so little viking blood in me that it's downright embarrassing. Or maybe I would make an awesome berserker if I chomped down on some Fly Agaric? Alas, we will never find out! ;)

      And yeah, I was totally dressing in anticipation of an impending food baby. Heh.

  2. Love the navy and mustard together! A mojito sounds so good right about now......

    1. Have you tried a blended juice called apple mojito? One of the supermarkets here also does non-alcoholic mojito-juice. I wish it were feasible to send you some! :(