Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lizten to the Liz!

Hat & boots: Anthro, Sweater: Bossini,  Polkadot shirt: Holly & Whyte,
Jacket: Vero Moda, Jeans: AG Stevies, Bag: From Norway, Shades: From Japan.

Ah, the joys of taking outfit photos without a camera remote... I have since found it, and let me tell you, that was a relief. Because all the yoga lessons in the world won't make pressing the 10 second button and then leaping athletically backwards and striking a pose any easier. There was also wind. Biting wind. I suffered for these photos, okay? In a First World kind of way...

So this is pretty much the first thing I wore after we got back home and I could hold my red jeans in my arms again and hug them like a long lost child. I'd missed them so much, not to mention I'd been dying to try out my stripey sweater with them ever since Liz suggested it after seeing this outfit. I should let Liz dress me more often, because I just felt so well in this getup! 

Of course, I had to put my own spin on things and include some polkadots too, you know? I really felt the bow gave my outfit that extra little something. The bow, incidentally, is all that can be seen of this blouse. I mean, does it lend itself well to layering, or what? I think I wanna repeat this blouse and sweater combo over a skirt sometime, I just love it that much. Ah, sorry if I'm getting terribly excited over my own outfit, but I haven't blogged one since forever so maybe we can blame that on blogging withdrawal?

Finally, my shades... let's talk about my shades, which cost me only 315 yen! That's $3.19 or £1.98. In other words, insanely cheap for the sturdiest, most stylish pair of sunnies ever. I got them at a 3 coin shop, which is basically a chain that carries gorgeous high-quality stuff - I've bought everything from glass bottles to hair bands to a jewellery rack there in the past - and prices everything so that the tax is included. No fuss, no working things out in your head, you just pay the price that's on the tag. So if you are a weary traveller in Japan who has just run out of socks, ahem, then the 3 coin shop is the place for you. 


  1. First, when I read this, I had to laugh. My best friend forever (since we were 3) is Lizzie (not the Liz you are speaking of, although she is awesome,too). And our inside joke is I call her, "The Liz." So, you are completely correct. Always listen to "The Liz."

    Okay! Now we can move onto your outfit! Liz was right! I love the stripes with your red pants. And I love the shirt you layered underneath it. So kismet that only the bow shows. And it would look great with a skirt.

    I am so jealous of your sunglasses. If I went into a store like that, I do not think I could ever ever leave. It sounds like heaven. Lucky girl!

    I love in your first picture you could list different countries items were from. If it was me, it would just be "internet." Yours is much more exciting! Although, I just typed up my son's explorer report. And I learned a lot. Mostly that his teacher is going to think we are crazy for letting him turn it in. But it was so awesome. Here is one line: "Amerigo says it took him five weeks. Which is, what, like a month?"

    Good times! I cannot believe you took these photos yourself. They look great!


    1. So we can conclude that 85-90% of all people named Liz are wise and all-knowing, and should be listened to at all times! ;)

      You know, the only thing that bugs me about this outfit is that the sweater is so loose - I think the bagginess of it makes me look wider than I am. Maybe a skirt would play with those proportions better... Anyways, I'm glad you like my patternmix!

      The 3 Coin store is awesomeness distilled. Everything is so CUTE and so CHEAP! If we'd only had more space in our luggage... At least I got a lot of good socks. And their socks last like, for EVER!

      Oh and I LOVE that you let your son hand in that report in his own words. I laughed so hard when I read that! Maybe the teacher will give him extra marks for originality? You never know...! ;)

  2. Oh I totally love that 3 Coins shop in Japan!! They have much better items than the 100 yen store (although they have some cute stuff too) I can't believe your sunglasses were only 315 yen!! That's a steal and they look adorable!! I love how you added polka dots to this outfit too. So cute!!

    1. You know, maybe we just weren't very observant but I can't actually remember ever seeing a 100 yen store in Japan, though I have tried to look for them... and then I just thought the 3 Coins had replaced the 100 yen stores!
      And thanks, polkadots are like my current obsession, I think!

  3. Oh the things we do for a decent OOTD photo:) Worth it! Love the red pants and the polka dots peeking out are the perfect finishing touch.

    1. Thank you, hot mama! Yeah we risk life and limb, don't we? ;)

  4. Oh hey! You're talking about MEEEEE! I feel like a star! lol

    I agree that I was right. The striped sweater with these bold pants looks totally fab, not to mention have the skinnies, the stripe, the polka dots, the bow...I don't know if those are actually "French" motifs, but it's the stereotypical image I have in my mind!

    1. Haha, well I'm glad to hear that! :)

      You know what, I totally get what you mean about this looking French. I think we grew up watching a similar range of movies or something, eh? Skinnies, striped sweaters and big bows are all kinda "Frenchie" in my mind, too!