Thursday, 28 November 2013

Me and my hat...

Jacket: Sherpa Moto Jacket, Anthro, from last year. This jacket nearly killed me, you know.

Let me start off apologising for how bad these photos are - I literally didn't realise I'd put the camera too far back on that ledge until after I got home. If you're wondering about my shoes, I was wearing my Meander moto boots. They are all over this blog, so I'm sure you've seen them before, right?

Fedora: Zara, men's section, Sweater: J.Crew, Button-down: UniQlo, Trousers: Anthro

Anyway, this seems to be my traditional posing spot when I'm wearing my fedora... At the call centre where I now work (glamorous, right? It's the price I pay for being a creative free spirit, crappy jobs), it appears to be a bit of a thing that the Norwegian guys all wear hats. One guy has this awesome classic tweed cap, the other wears an assortment of woolly hats. So the day I wore this, I decided I was going to join in on this hat party. I caved and took it off though, it was way too hot inside the office!

As for these pants, I love them but they are now so big on me that it's actually unflattering. It's weird how tight-fitting jeans make my butt look nice and baggy pants make it look hugemongous, eh? The shape of the legs doesn't help either... I'm going to take them to the tailor down the road and ask if it's worth the money resew them completely. If it's not, I may have to let these pants go. And it's stupid because it's just clothes,  but that thought still makes me kinda sad.  

Because I weirdly like this picture of me, have a close-up of my gloriously mad sweater. 
Which I think is also too big on me, thought it's always hard to tell with things you buy on the internet until you actually have them in your house to try on.  Perhaps the sweater needs to be taken in and have the arms shortened, but I am kind of afraid of messing with it since it's a cashmere knit. And I do love it so... 


  1. I like that picture of you, too! I don't know that I would touch the sweater, either. It is so awesome. What if they mess it up? And I like that the baggy pants aren't regular pants. The color of them are amazing.

    You painted such a cool picture in my mind of the atmosphere you work in. I just imagine all of these hatted heads talking on phones. Very cool!

    It is kind of insane that the camera cut you off exactly where your shoes are. Oh, well. The hat is the star! Imagine how many drinks it could hold! ; )


    1. Okay, I'll listen to you and not mess with the sweater. Hopefully I can get to the tailor with the blue pants -and my polkadot jeans- tomorrow before work.

      Oh babe my workplace is anything but cool, haha! Today our least favourite colleague, the one who doesn't wash, sat next to me allllll daaaaay! But hey, at least they pay me!

      Hehe and you're right, the hat is the star! Now I have visions of trying to smuggle mojitos for me and the boys into work under it! ;)

  2. Fedoras are awesome! Especially that plaid one you're wearing!

    1. Hehe thanks, and they sure are! You should get one!

  3. I love this outfit Gwen! You look so cute in Fedoras. I love the blue and mustard together too. I hope you can get your pants fixed without having to pay a ton!!

    1. Thank you, Sayaka! You know, I still haven't made it to the tailor, and he is only down the road from us! And I will make an effort to wear that fedora more often, hehe!